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  1. wisdom62


    I just wanted to comment since I just bought one of these. I got a Large and I'm 72" inches tall. 33-34" inseam. The Large is nice in the legs but the upper torso length is a little short for my height. It fits a little too snug in the crotch and up the back when bending forward and tight in the front when arching back. I'm going to return it and get a XL. I think I will like it better that size much better. Just my two cents. Also the material and zippers look good. Thanks Josh
  2. My story, I have 17 jumps. My last jump was 3 years ago. I I want to get my A license so I'm planning trip to AZ or L.A. for 4 days. Schedule some couch jumps and any additional training to get me to a A license. Do you see any issues with getting about 10 jumps in the 3 days. Plus hopefully some additional packing training. I was thinking Perris, CA or Lake Elsinore. Anyone have a preference? Thanks Josh
  3. Does the Mesh Back pad add comfort to the rig? Is it similar other rigs "foam back pads" I noticed on the order form it only comes in black. I want to do an all charcoal rig so seeing if I really need or want the Mesh Back pad. Also, Does anyone know if the pilot chute pocket is only black or is there color choices? The website doesn't color this part of the rig and leaves it black. Thanks for the help. I'm going to call Velocity on Monday so if no one responds, I'll respond with answers so everyone can search this topic. Thanks, Josh
  4. I'm about to order a new Infinity Rig and I want to get the colors Black and Jade or Orange and Black. If you have Jade or Orange on your Infinity rig can you send me or post a picture of it? Much appreciated. Josh
  5. I now wish I did not stop jumping because I had to go through the ground course again. The ground course was a good refresher and I'm glad I went through it, but it took like 7 hours. When I did it the first time it was at a very small DZ and it only took a couple hours since it was only me and the two AFF instructors. The instructor at mile-hi did a great job and he ended up being my instructor for my AFF4 recirc jump. The twin otter plane is amazing especially after only jumping from cessna's. Once I jumped It did take about 1000 ft or so to knock the rust off, but I relaxed arched and it all came back. I didn't do much but a couple turns and a dock. I did have some fun while under canopy, well as much as you can with a 260 and perfect stand-up landing in the snow. Mile Hi is definitely busy with tandems and students which keeps the staff very busy. The staff that I met were cool and very helpful just busy. Overall it was a good experience and I'm heading back this friday to get in a couple coached jumps and some solo's. I want to get that A license as quick as I can. Also looking to meet more local fun jumpers, I'm in Fort Collins. so hit me up and lets boogie.
  6. Hello everyone, Its been awhile since i have been on this site as I took an unwanted break from skydiving due to work. I am going tomorrow to Mile Hi Skydiving in Colorado for my refresher ground course and coached jumps. I just wanted to say thanks for the enourmous wealth of information this website provides and hope to meet some of you local Coloradoan to jumpe with. I've read some questionable reviews about Mile Hi Skydiving saying they are so busy with tandems, its hard to get any jumps in. I hope it is not always like this and I am planning on jumping every weekend. It is the closest DZ to my home, but I might just have to go to Boulder if the DZ is better there. Anyone have any experience with the Colorado DZ's I would like to hear your experience. Well Blue skies to everyone, Josh
  7. Thanks for the help I've actually read that before, A while back. it was good to read it again. Being 6'1 and 190lbs its a little harder to find newer used rigs for sale with 190 canopies. I've found a couple but then i didn't have the money. I'm talking with Para-Service now about a rig, and if anything comes up on the used market i'll take a look. thanks again. blue skies.
  8. I'm buying my first rig, I'm jumped about 25 times and sick of student rigs. I plan on jumping for a long time to come. So its time to buy my own rig. I see at Para-Service.com has good prices, was looking at a Wings setup. I also saw a Used Dolphin for sale in the Classifieds, http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/classifieds/detail_page.cgi?ID=30753&d=1 and Used Wings For sale. http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/classifieds/detail_page.cgi?ID=31985&d=1 I'm 190lbs 6 ft, so i wasn't sure about the Wings since it has a 170 canopy. But the Dolphin sounds like it would fit perfect plus it has all tuck flaps and AAD. Should i buy Used or should I buy a New Wings from Para-Service.com ? Money isn't really a problem, But i also can't go throwing it around, and like to get a good deal. thanks for the help. Josh
  9. I'm getting shipped off to Okinawa Japan in a couple of months for my last year in the Marines. Looking for DZ's near there, even if they are a Country near by. I'll have to do some country hopping to get my skyiving in, but thats what you do for the love of the sport. Thanks for your help
  10. I am new to skydiving and have just finished my AFF. I am looking to buy an FT-50 altimeter for $50. I found the altimeter brand new for $138. I was wondering if anyone uses this altimeter and if it will be work for me through my first hundred jumps or so. ALSO does anyone know what the max altitude for the FT-50 is? Can't find that info anywhere. Thanks for You Help
  11. Started my AFF here, Is my Local DZ, The people here are great, friendly, helpful, fun to jump with. I recommend checking out Skydive Walterboro, Especially if you are a student, They are very student oriented, but also the seasoned pro skydivers need to check this place out. Overall this place is AWESOME!!!
  12. I'm new here also, i'm starting my AFF next week. My local DZ is charging 1150 for the complete AFF training. Probably could get it cheaper if i paid it all up front but don't have that kind of cash laying around. And i'm not pulling out of my RIG savings. Have fun, I know i will. Peace
  13. Thanks alot for the welcome and the advice about trying different gear. Looking forward to becoming part of the skydiving lifestyle. Free as a bird for LIFE. thanks
  14. Hows it Going Everyone, Wanted to say hi to everyone on in this forum. I'm hitting up my first AFF class next week, I'm completely Stoked about it. Really looking forward to becoming a Fulltime Skydiver. Any tips on buying my first rig? I'm researching all types and have found some i like. Anyone have any recomendations on gear, I'm 6'1 and 180lbs. Thanks for the help. Peace