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  1. FFlyer

    First solid sit

    Well done bro. Keep it up. Give me a shout if you're keen to do a jump at JSC sometime.
  2. Anyone know if this is available yet? Or when it will be?
  3. VFS4way FTW! What a great discipline. Here's hoping it continues to grow. Well done to the French. Arsenal looked unbeatable for a few years.
  4. Just thought id add to this thread with the email response I got regarding the Vigil fires.
  5. Yup. My wife just put brand new batteries into her Optima a few weeks ago and it immediatly showed as only having 1 bar when we switched it on. Then the next week we switched it on and it showed 50% battery. So who knows? Maybe the batteries are not of a very good quality or maybe they had been sitting in the store for months before we got them. Not sure if that would make a difference.
  6. Yup, I agree as others have said. The original skydivingmovies.com just had a simplicity to it that made it work. Upload high quality files, categorise them, let everyone download those same high quality files, and then you have the file on your computer to watch whenever you want. I honestly dont like the idea of having to stream videos everytime I want to watch something. It's great to see people trying to make a good solution though. Keep up the good work.
  7. Any idea when this is going to be available? COTC1 was awesome, im sure the 2nd installment will be too.
  8. What online store si the headdown vid available from? I looked on paragear, square 1 and skydiveu and couldn't find it anywhere.
  9. WOW! Talk about not sticking to the original topic. This thread is now 100% completely different to what the OP intended it to be. Advice to the OP: Maybe post a new thread with a different thread title so that those of us who would like to partipate in that thread instead of this mess of a thread can do so.
  10. Cool thanks for the replies. I lived in London for about 18months back in 2002. I did a bit of skydiving at Headcorn dropzone. I WILL NOT be going back there again. The attitude and atmosphere is terrible. I have heard countless people say the same thing both in person and on here, so im not the only one to have had a bad experience. But thanks for the ideas about the other dropzones. Ill look them up online to find out a bit more detail.
  11. Hey there, What dropzones exist around the Essex region of England? Within about 2 hours drive / train? Are there any big and busy dropzones around that area, particularly with a good freefly scene? Also, where are the Bedford and Airkix tunnels located? Are those within a reasonable distance from Essex? I know the weather in the UK is generally pretty terrible but what is the skydiving like year round with dropzones near to Essex? My geography of the UK in general is really [email protected] thanks!
  12. hmmm, howabout Babylon? Heard of them before? Go onto the babylon website and look in their media section where there are pics of them on jumps. It's not that you cant launch certain exits without grippers, it's that grippers help. I doubt teams like Babylon would use them if they didn't have a benefit (specifically to freeflying) To each their own. We're moving away from the OP's actual question though. So feel free to pm me if you would like me to send you links to vids and pics showing freefly teams using grippers.
  13. Freefly grippers on freefly suits are most definitly for taking grips while freeflying. Competition moves like the horizontal compressed, vertical compressed and brouette all lend themselves to using leg grippers. Especially when launching those moves from the door. That's not to say you have to use them, but those moves most definitly lend themselves to the use of grippers. But I guess if you've never competed then you probably wouldn't know that.
  14. Hey there, Maybe this is an impossible question to answer, but how long do you think the sony cx100 will still be available for (when buying new that is). I've got my eye on this camera but dont have the spare cash to get it just yet. Also, can anyone recommend a good European online store to get this camera for a good deal? Ill be in Estonia (Tallinn) and Hungary (Budapest) in a couple months and im sure ill be able to buy it cheaper there than what I can here. The cheapest i've been able to find it here is around $730 which is way more than what I think it goes for in other countries. It might even be cheaper ordering it online from some european website and getting it shipped to Budapest or Tallinn while im there. Unless anyone here knows of a good place to look for electronics over there? thanks, cheers.
  15. What I liked about skydivingmovies.com was that you could download the movies and watch them later. Personally I think whichever site is going to 'take over' from skydivingmovies.com needs to not only be a 'tube' type site but also allow for downloading of the movies. Not all of us have unlimited bandwidth to just stream movies whenever we want. So with that in mind it's much better to be able to download a movie and then watch it whenever you want.