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  1. Do you know if they have sped up the image capture rate for the simultaneous video and photo feature? On the 3 Black it is 1 photo every 5 seconds during video recording. I'm hoping the 4 can do one photo every second or 2 for shooting tandem Handcam. Thanks
  2. I want it for Tandem Handcam. Much better one camera than 2! 1 shot every 2 seconds would be sufficient but every 5 seconds is not enough, especially on exit.
  3. Has anyone figured out how to increase the shots per second during Simultaneous Video and Photo Mode to 1.5 or 2 shots per second? I heard it has been done but can't find the open share software.
  4. What do you mean "cone" style. We heve wing mounted cameras on our planes. They are mounted on a plate fixed to the underside of the wing at the end of the strut.
  5. Has anyone used the Go-Video VR4940 DVD Recorder/Player and VHS VCR Combo?