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  1. So there is a mouthy individual claiming experience and knowledge while dropping a few lines lambasting the owner of the dropzone I spend a lot of time at. I am going to go ahead and take this time to point out that, not only is this person a liar, they failed to read the disclaimer about posting claims that can substantiated. Based on the exclusive notions used in the post it is obvious that this BigBear 73 waste of oxygen is obviously either the former owner (I will refer to him by his aptly honorific title 'Worthless') or the only friend that this worthless individual has. This being the worthless individual who needed a police escort from various locations to prevent him from harassing the very people he has been ordered to stay away from. If we want to go on about lousy owners we should consider the hours Worthless spent playing WoW behind his lousy rented mobile trailer while the DZ slowly dissolved into a pool of its own rancidly inept mismanagement. The place did have a king air ... until Worthless ran that into the ground too. The man is toxic ... to himself and everything he has to do with and now he has brought his slime to the internet. So you can forget the unmitigated BS posted by hairy bigbear ... there is no one that comes to this dropzone that is disappointed with the change ... note how many single star reviews there are. I am sure I can find dozens more to add genuine 5 star reviews as well. You will find no positive reviews of Worthless ... as a person or a DZO. but hey ... why take my word for it ... or his. Check out the DZ for yourself and you will find a well run environment that has thrown out all the trash and caters to skydivers.