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  1. My condolences to both Ron and Sara's families, to include their extended families in the skydiving community. I can't say that I knew either Sara or Ron, but I do know that Sara seemed to be such a sweet person, who always had a smile on her face. They will both be deeply missed.
  2. I recently completed AFP, and am up to about 20 jumps at Cross Keys. This place is awsome. The staff go out of their way to be friendly and supportive. With the help of Kruse, Mark Norman, and Range, I completed AFP with no problem. As a novice skydiver I expected the experienced skydivers to be standoffish and snobby. I could not have been more wrong. Everyone is so friendly. I will be moving soon, and will miss the DZ terribly. I know that I will come back to NJ, just to visit the DZ. I am still waiting for that weather machine to be put in place at the DZ:)