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  1. Yup 12 days!!!!! Just saw on the Facebook page that Tony Suits will be going to CarolinaFest.... it looks like there will be something for everyone there!!! With the organizers and vendors that are going, it will be a good time for everyone! Also remember to register, early registration will close on May 24th.
  2. Yes, there has always been a boogie in June at Chester, you can do your research, it was the Rodriguez Brothers boogie. FREE loads, we already had aorund 10 loads sponsored for the original Rodriguez Brothers boogie by the time Skyfest decided to move to Chester. If i recall this was already explained on last years discussions and even you agreed that we introduced FREE loads and that Skyfest introduced FREE jumps. So lets leave out all the negative thoughts behind and move forward. Boogies are a place for people to join together have fun and leave all the real life politics, stress and crap at home, which is probably what many of us do every weekend on our way to the dz.
  3. I was there last year and it was an awesome time, and seeing the lineup of organizer for this year it looks like its going to be even better.
  4. Hey!!! I think Remster was just kidding, he is one of the local jumpers of Eloy!!!!
  5. Carolina Fest in Charlotte, its going to be awesome, and you can get free jumps while you are there.
  6. Once again James LaBarrie organized an amazing boogie, This past weekend was awesome, made some great jumps, met amazing people and of course we had some good parties. I have been to many boogies but nothing like this one, we had some of the best organizers in the sport and jumping with them was great. Already looking forward to next years boogie, can wait to hear what James has under his sleeve for 2010!!!!
  7. ORGANIZERS: Kirk Verner (FS) Luigi Cani (wingsuit & fun) Amy Chmelecki (freefly & VFS) Eric Deren (freefly & VFS) The Brothers Gray (wingsuit) Joey Freeman (FS) Jan Lane (FS) Dave Colucci (freefly) Chris Wagner (FS) Pepe Rodriguez (zoo - who are the Rodriguez Brothers!!) Arizona Divewerkz ------------------------------------------------------- WOW!!!! what a lineup of organizers!!!! it sucks that my company moved me to Arizona, would have enjoyed being there for the entire boogie but I will at least be there for the weekend!!! See you there!!!!!
  8. not open on Wednesday but it will be open tomorrow tuesday, if you can come out an see us.
  9. not really, I am looking for a place with good vibes, so i can do some fun jumps.
  10. I will be in Nashville for business in April, and I will like to make some jumps while there. Can someone let me know where is a good place I can go? Thanks,
  11. It's time for another Anniversary Boogie at Skydive Carolina in Chester, SC. We will have an Otter and Casa flying all weekend starting this Friday. So who is coming???? JCADIVER
  12. you are both right!!! Lime is lima lemon is limon you also use the word "lima" for the nail filers
  14. i have an L-bracket, not sure for what size since i have never used it. i have a top mount.