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  1. Seems to be just taken at an angle so it is different. I looked up my house and the photo is at least 3, if not 4, yrs old. The images are a little dated but you can rotate the angled view using the buttons on the left and have a look from 4 different sides.
  2. As a search engine it doesn't hold a candle to Google, this is Microsofts effort after all. Having said that I do find the maps bit ok The Birds eye view is adds something new.
  3. Lol, same here. Dry humping would imply something totally different here....or maybe my mind was just in that groove after checking out the boobies and NSFW threads
  4. On a similar theme The "Shuttle" is actually a car Not CG - see full length
  5. Various visual cues can give you an altitude reference,eg. noting the altitude of the cloudbase on the climb ,the sight of the 2-way that exited before you deploying at your level , or using nearby mountains as a level reference. If you are very familiar with a particular DZ you will build a mental image of what the ground should look like at pull height - which can be surprisingly accurate with practice. This can cause problems when visiting a different DZ obviously. Also one should be aware that varying atmospheric conditions (low level haze, the angle of sunlight at different times of year/day,the visability on a frosty winters day) can all influence your dept perception. In short, your altimeter is a very good reference that you should use as a back up to using your eyes. Altimeter needles have been known to stick or over/under read from time to time and realising that there is a problem rather than just being trusting your life to it is a nice skill to have.
  6. This probably isn't the problem that you are having, but what the hey, there's no harm in checking. Does your container have adjustable MLW and if so are they set evenly. This can cause a built in turn the same as unevenly tightened leg straps. Just a thought sparked by another thread.
  7. I wear attenuating earplug - that is ones that are designed to mostly reduce the decibel level of certain frequency ranges rather than just blocking all noise. They have a tiny hole which allows pressure equalisation across the plug which allows your ears to pop normally, almost as if you weren't wearing them. They are a little more expensive than disposable plugs but as you can wash and reuse them this make them worth it. They are very effective and the cool thing is that while they block out most of the engine noise it is still possible to talk to people (if they speak up a bit). As I am usually one of the last out this means that I usually sit up the front between (and in the plane of) the props, which can get uncomfortable after a bit. I have also taken to wearing them in nightclubs because I find the decibel levels practically painfull, darn kids and their rock musak. Does that mean that I'm getting old? Here is where I got mine, but I'm sure that there is a similar product in other countries.
  8. Are you planning to use it as mobile data storage as well. If so opt for the Flash based one. Yes you get less space but also less headaches when trying to connect to your pc. I have the Creative Zen Xtra 40GB which I planned to use for both music and storage. For audio it kicks ass (especially with proper headphones) but as a mobile hard disk it is really crap. It requires special drivers to connect and then you need extra software to actually browse the drive. Flash drive based players are plug and play with Win XP/2k and are installed as removable drives in Explorer. Also because there is no motor to spin up they are much easier on batteries giving you longer play time.
  9. Firstly, your programs menu in the Start menu only contains links to those programs. If the program gets moved then the link is useless and also it cannot find the icon that it uses, hence the standard unknown program icon ("white rectangle with a blue bar across the top"). Ok, the Notepad app normally resides in c:\winnt\system32\ (or %SYSTEMROOT%\SYSTEM32\ if you want to be pedantic). If you are sure that this is in fact the correct app then simply moving it back to this folder will fix the link. The question is: how did it get to WINNT\??? Sometimes viri masquarade as legitimate windows apps, but not in the correct folder (usually in the system path). Check that app with an up-to-date virus scanner, it may well be working as expected but that's no garrantee that it's not infected. Next, Autoplay for audio CDs is not related with notepad in any way, as notepad is a self contained program for text editing. To fix your problem use Regedit to edit the registry and navigate to HKLM\Software\Classes\AudioCD\Shell\ and create the string value @ if it doesn't already exist. Set it to PLAY and exit and reboot. If you don't know what the Registry is or have never used Regedit before then you are safer using something like Kai's Powertweaks (guessing at a vaguely familiar name) or Xteq's X-Setup tool to change it.
  10. Have you noticed what's happening to baggage allowances lately, especially on the no-frills carriers.
  11. No, this wont (or shouldn't) happen in freefall. When you are practicing on the floor your back, neck..etc muscles have to put a lot of effort in to get the arch and all your weight is placed on your abdomen, but in freefall the air pressure supports your entire body and you simply relax into the arch so your back muscles do very little work. Some people recommend laying on your back on one of those beachball things that gyms have as this is a closer representation of what you feel in FF than what you are trying now. When I graduated static line, for the first few freefall jumps I found that I had a sore back but discovered that I was trying too hard to get a big arch. When I just relaxed and when with the flow it all came together and the pain went and my stability and control increased dramatically.
  12. I think that those images are lifted from the Cessna website.
  13. Definately BS. They claim to have been in operation since at least 2000. There is only IPC, GoSkydive, Falcons and The Wild Geese (in NI). They seem to have more staff than the IPC which seems odd. Currently only The Wild Geese operate a turbine (Caravan), although IPC is looking into buying one. They also claim to have a turbo 206, I'm not even sure that there is one in the country although IPC have a NA 206 all right. There are no twin Caravans, and what is a "Cessna Caravan 675" anyway. The 600 series are Citation Biz Jets. Maybe they mean the Grand Caravan 208B with the 675 shp P&W PT6A. The site claims that they operate out of "Ros a Mhíl, deep in the Cos Fhairrge (sea-side) region of Connemara". This is referring to Minna airport in the Inverrin/Rossaveel area. This is the grass strip that AerArann operate out of to the Arann Islands, and no paradrop has ever occurred there to my knowledge. I wouldn't like to jump there - the winds coming off the Atlantic rarely drop to anything near acceptable levels. The IAA will not not be of much help as they seem to be trying their best to inhibit the growth of GA in Ireland, I doubt that the would be very interested in dealing with skydiving any more than is absolutely necessary. Drop the PAI a line and you may get a more positive response. This site may be the work of a student for a project but looks a little too ligitimate for comfort. I tried filling in junk in the registration info form and it accepted it.
  14. It says the mode the unit is in right there on the display. How can someone miss the word TANDEM on their AAD display during a gear check, not once or twice - but on 14 seperate occaisions. This seems less of an equipment issue and more one of a jumper getting complacent and failing to perform a complete system check before every jump. Do people check their Cypres before every jump (yes, even if you have already jumped it that day) - if not, why not? Exactly. This is the lesson that we should take from this, and that every one of us is responsible for our own safety in this sport.
  15. Skydiving has a perfect record - in over 60 years of skydiving activities we've never left anyone up there....yet.