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  1. 5 hours ago, nigel99 said:

    Well he’s on his way back to the UK. Pretty much drove me out of my own home. Sunday I get my house back! 
    I have spent the last few weeks at a friends house. My son also stayed with friends. I came home tonight to rubbish literally all over the kitchen can’t even use the stove as it’s piled with shit and rubbish strewn all over the kitchen floor. Pots with mould growing out of them. 

    Dude, that's awful.  Tag this in your memory files and refer back to it the next time he wants to take something from you that you don't want to give.  And, crucially, DON'T GIVE IT.  I know that some people believe that you should look after family no matter what.  I could not disagree more.  Some behaviours are unacceptable.  It's up to you to decide where you draw the line.

  2. 1 hour ago, wmw999 said:

    That article was great. Understanding your underpinnings doesn't mean questioning them, but it's best to  understand something to change it effectively.

    Wendy P.


  3. 5 hours ago, mbohu said:

    If anyone has the time, this is a great article, but it requires reading past ⅓ to even get to this point:

    George Lakoff on the strict father model

    By the way, thank you for the link.  It was a very interesting read.

    I absolutely agree that language is powerful and that framing is everything...  That's what makes propaganda so effective - all it takes to push bullshit and radical ideas is the ability to frame things in a palatable way...  It also helps if your audience doesn't have much of an external reference that contradicts the lies, and/or if you base SOME of the bullshit on a modicum of truth.

    It takes a lot to step out of the values you were taught growing up, and so a lot of ideas are transmitted generationally and never examined/questioned.  It's why "progress" is so slllllllow in areas that are so obviously "wrong"...  (I put that in quotes because people will never agree on what is "good" or "bad"...  Largely because of their frame of reference!)

  4. 4 hours ago, mbohu said:


    I think it goes deeper, and it actually is a problem for progressives that we do not really understand the conservative's perspective on these issues and programs. I think they really believe that it is morally wrong to give things to people who have not specifically earned them. They do not see this as helping them at all. They see this as robbing them of the chance of developing the capacity to earn it for themselves (and if they cannot or will not do that, then they see them as simply bad people, who should not be supported in the first place.)
    This runs so counter to the idea of sharing and nurturing and supporting, that is central to the progressive model, that we simply think they (the conservatives) are either selfish or stupid or evil--but that misses the point and robs us of an opportunity to influence them where we can. (...or even have a meaningful conversation about these issues)

    If anyone has the time, this is a great article, but it requires reading past ⅓ to even get to this point:

    George Lakoff on the strict father model

    Whilst I agree with your point, and I think it's valid for some elites who grew up privileged / rich...  I do think that the US as a nation has a long history of vilifying things without understanding them.  Reading Carl Marx a few years back might as well have meant that you also believed in eating human babies and murdering kittens...  Nazis (and by extension, Germans) were by definition ALL evil...  Russians are all psychopathic mob bosses...  Muslims (and by extension all "brown" people) are terrorists out to kill you...  Socialism is the end of all freedom and liberty...  Feminists want to chop off men's testicles and wear them as earrings...  Et cetera, et cetera.  

    Of course I am exaggerating and over simplifying...  But that's just because I'm trying to make light of very sad reality...  The US is one of the most insular, deluded, deeply religious and radical nations in the world...  And also the most powerful.  The US has many, many, MANY excellent things about it, but the current administration DOES represent and highlight a lot of what is wrong with America.

  5. 26 minutes ago, wolfriverjoe said:

    Also the morons who have been conned into believing that any sort of 'social program' is a slippery slope that will lead to government control over every aspect of our lives. 

    No, I'm not kidding. I know far too many fools who believe that.

    Yup.  And sadly they are so brainwashed they appear not to even realise that a lot of socialist programs are ALREADY in place within the US...  To the great benefit of everyone.

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  6. 1 minute ago, gowlerk said:

    Mostly those who live in a divided society and perceive those who don't already have those things as undeserving and feel it is a zero sum game that they will lose when others gain.

    Or maybe the word has been so vilified that even "rational" people don't understand its true meaning...

    I can think of other words like that.  "Feminism" comes to mind.

  7. 19 minutes ago, ryoder said:

    Does your health insurance cover PTSD? :-(


    One of the good things about living over here is that it probably *is* covered on the regular public health care that all residents are entitled to.

    Damn...  I can see why some people are so anti-socialism...  I mean, I am not the first to say it, but who in their right mind would want:

    - well-maintained roads

    - access to good education for everyone

    - access to excellent health care for everyone

    Yeah...  So awful.

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  8. 4 hours ago, TriGirl said:

    If this happens in the next debate, I would like to see the moderator just turn off the offender’s microphone and allow the candidate who holds the floor to have their time uninterrupted.

    That's what I was thinking as well... 

    I just deleted a long rant...  But suffice it to say, the rest of the world is watching in horror. 

    In 2016, I lacked the imagination to foresee JUST how horrible things would get...  In 2020, I'm TERRIFIED of what the future holds.  Because like it or not, the result of your elections has far-reaching consequences for all of us.

    ETA: I wish I knew more about the historical fall of every single "great" Empire and what the world looked like just before and also immediately after...  More chaos??  Less??  I'm afraid to research it!  Maybe it's like typing your symptoms into Google...  Last time I did that the result overwhelmingly suggested I definitely had prostate cancer*

    (*that's a joke, but not far from the truth!!)

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  9. Whew...  2020 has been...  What word is strong enough to describe it???!

    Like many people, I had some unexpected "challenges" which I am still working through...  If life has taught me anything it's that sometimes shit just happens.  There isn't even always someone to blame and/or any life lessons...  Heck, you could almost always be in a worse position and even with the benefit of age/experience, it's not always helpful or comforting to know this!!!  Lol! 

    As annoying as these setbacks are, sometimes the only thing to do is try not to be too discouraged as you roll your sleeves up & keep at it.  Or take a nap...  Naps are also important - hehehe.

    So there...  This is neither a rant nor words of wisdom...  But to everyone else who is struggling right now: take care of yourself and hang in there|!

    PS: A SUGGESTION TO INJECT A BIT OF JOY IN YOUR EVERY DAY: I've always been told you should not bring up a problem without offering some sort of solution (otherwise you are just whingeing unnecessarily)...  In this vain, if you don't know her, I love love love Sarah Millican - stand up comedienne.  You can easily find nuggets of her amazing comedy by searching on YouTube.  And during the confinement, she recorded short videos of her reading her book "How To Be Champion".  Cannot recommend these enough!!  I found them to be a great source of entertainment / comfort.  I think we could all use a bit of her humour in our lives :)

  10. On 9/11/2020 at 7:59 AM, neilmck said:

    The reserve is a 40-year old round and the container is a Talon Classic that cannot be modified for an AAD so none of this is allowed to be jumped in France, however it did work last time I jumped it. :)

    The years roll by faster than you think.  The DZO gave me the details of a museum in Strasbourg who would be interested by it, just I can't admit I'm old enough to be donating my stuff to museums.



    This made me laugh but it's bitter-sweet because it hits home...  I haven't jumped for years.  The last time I went to a dropzone I was struck by how young everyone looked, how the gear had changed, how unbelievably talented even the "newbies" were because of tunnel time.  I wonder if I will ever fully lose that conflicted feeling of wanting to go back and thinking it's "too late"...  No museum would want my gear (yet)...  But I also can't bring myself to sell it.

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  11. There is a fine line between helping and enabling, and for sure it's not always easy to cut toxic people out of your life...  Especially when it is a family member or your boss, or the mother/father of your children. 

    But ask yourself this: if other people have cut him out of their lives, why do you feel the responsibility falls on your shoulders?

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    5 hours ago, ryoder said:

    Doesn't Triumph sell the decals through its parts distributors?

    After I low-sided my Kawasaki, I had to replace the side fairing, and then learned to my annoyance that the "Kawasaki" and "Versys" decals were not included, and had to be purchased separately. 


    It does but it's not in all black.

  13. Hi guys,

    Wonder if there is a photoshop guru that could help me out?  I am having my motorcycle repainted but I can't get the original logo in a decent resolution to have it in black and white only :(

    Any picture I find online is not high resolution and as soon as I remove the shadow and background and colour, etc, it becomes super pixelated and horrible.  I have a funny feeling someone could do this with the right software, but oddly enough, "paint" just doesn't cut it!!




    ETA - logo is for rear panel of 2010 Street Triple.  See picture - best I could find template and my shitty attempt to try and grab the only stuff I want :(

    triumph Street Triple logo.jpg

  14. On 4/30/2020 at 5:23 AM, yoink said:

    Replying to these emails is the absolute worst thing you can do. It tells the scammer there's a real person reading the emails and that it's a monitored email address.

    If nothing else, that person can now sell your email to another criminal as a verified email address they might want to target with a different scam, or use in other nefarious ways. It's a real economy in the dark web.


    Just delete it.


    It's a spam email...  I expect spam on it ;)

  15. The US has been particularly good at marketing itself and presenting a beautiful, idealised (and also fake) image of itself to the world...  It has done so through things like film and celebrity culture, and by selling this notion of the American Dream...  It has promised success and possibility to *anyone* who is creative and/or hard-working...  

    But underneath this facade lies an underbelly of race, gender, social inequality/discrimination...  

    The Trump regime has in many ways held a mirror to American society and served to show the world a more realistic picture of America, warts and all...  But make no mistake...  Just because people didn't "see" it, doesn't mean these problems are new.  In fact, the problems have been festering and worstening for a very long time.

    I remember very well when people were talking about the fall of the American Empire during the Bush (Jr) administration (and probably before as well).  There is talk of this again, but just as no one is immune to a fall from grace, so could the US pick themselves up and rise up from the rubble...  It's anyone's guess.  We are all watching in a mixture of awe and horror.

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  16. I got the same thing.  It was also my "real" password, but for me the dead giveaway was that it's the default password that I use on ALL dodgy or potentially untrustworthy sites...

    So I just responded by telling them to go ahead and share my porn video widely - people deserve to have their spirits lifted during this difficult confinement period :)

    Didn't get a reply to that, for some reason!!