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  1. Blue skies, Skip. I enjoyed seeing and talking with you at the various boogies in the Midwest - most recently at Dollar Daze - and one's all the way back to the old Kingman days. Thanks for being such a great person. Fly free, my friend. Later, BASE864
  2. Wed night 8/26 right? I'll be at the beer truck Wed. afternoon - 9/2 Later, BASE864
  3. Damn it! Are you saying more than one base jumper named JJ running around out there? Later, BASE864
  4. BASE864

    Wyoming Locals

    I'm not a local, but I've seen some doable walls on my many visits there. Later, BASE864
  5. If this is true, then don't be like the guy in this picture - he put the bag of peanuts in his cargo pocket - and the monkey went after it - several times! Another monkey stole a can of soda and bit it open to drink it. Yes, the monkies there were quite aggressive - but nothing a swift kick couldn't solve. All-in-all, the Batu Caves were very much worth the cab ride out there. China town was okay - espeically if want to buy software for $5.00 or a nice Tag or Rolex for a few dollars. The skywalk on Petronas was cool too. Later, BASE864
  6. Fly free Johnny. Donk and I will lick a beard in your honor next year at Bridge Day! Later, BASE864
  7. BASE864

    muff muff johhny

    Yes - Johnny will be missed. If there's a better way for a fellow skydiver and base jumper to leave this world, I can't think of one. Donk and I will have to lick a beard in his honor next year at Bridge Day. I'll never forgot the look on Johnny's face when we did that a couple of years ago.... Fly Free Johnny. Later, BASE864
  8. Yeah, I don't know who it is either, but when I flipped to that page in the mag, I new instantly where it was. Once you've been there, you never forget that view and hoping you make it to that big circle.... Later, BASE864
  9. Check out this month's Beat this Caption picture contest in Maxim magazine..... Clicky Later, BASE864
  10. I bought my Flick 322 unvented (non V-TEC) and PCA'd it off a popular pre-bridge day object. I ened up cracking my tailbone because the canopy didn't have enough time to get flying and I landed hard on my ass. I got it vented and then did the same jump next year. There was a world of difference. Check out a video comparison on I didn't put enough jumps on the non-vented version to notice a difference in forward speed. However, I think because the vented canopy starts flying faster, you would also start flying foward quicker. I wouldn't consider buying a non-vented canopy ever again - unless it was only going to be in a terminal rig. Because I fly a large canopy - I need it open and flying as fast as possible. The vents allow for this. Later, BASE864
  11. BASE864

    Traveling with Gear

    I tried to carry on my base rig on a flight to SLC. The arrogant TSA dude wouldn't let me and said parachutes weren't allowed as carry on. He first tried to open my rig up and I asked him not to do that. When I asked for his supervisor - he got all cocky and said I would miss my flight while waiting for him to get to the gate (yes, I was killing time in the bar...). So, I headed back the the ticket counter and just checked it. The ticket agent said he was wrong and it was the pilot's decision, not the TSA's, as to whether it could be carried on or not. Funny thing is, the TSA dude let my pretty blond friend carry her rig on. Her rig went through x-ray right before mine. I guess he just didn't like my smile (or lack of). Since then I just check it as I don't need them trying to throw what little weight around they think they have and trying to ruin my day. Later, BASE864
  12. Yep - I'd just as soon be slider off instead of slider down too. Removing the slider definately calls for a repack. If the location dictates slider down, then I'll remove it. If the location has variable objects - like Bridge Day or the potatoe bridge, then I'll leave it on and move it up or down. Later, BASE864
  13. I think some of it depends on the object too. While at Bridge Day, I've taken my SU pack job and pulled the slider down, expecting to jump another object in the area. Then when the winds weren't right, I put the slider back up in prep. for jumping on Saturday. But Bridge Day is one of the few objects where heading performance wasn't crucial to me. Had it been a different object, I would have repacked when putting the slider back up. I ususally don't sweat going from SU to SD without repacking. But going the other way, I would repack. Later, BASE864
  14. BASE864

    Pull up cords

    That makes some sense - but I guess I was never worried about having that 'perfect mushroom' - at least while jumping anyway. Finding it aftward is a different story.... And I faithfully use my limited edition purple Triax T-Stake when packing outside. But, the only way I can use it my living room is to open a beer.... Later, BASE864
  15. BASE864

    Pull up cords

    So what am I missing? I have never even seen someone use a pull-up cord or clamp to help pack a PC. What is it used for? Why do you need it? I don't get it. Granted, I don't have a whole lot of jumps, but with the exception of about 4 PCA'd jumps, I've gone stowed on every other one. I've never even thought of using an 'aid' to help stow my PC. I'm not trying to stir the pot, just understand what others are doing that they need said 'aid' to help stow their PC. I do use clamps when packing. They are accounted for (counted) after the packjob is complete and my clamps are put away in my bag. Later, BASE864