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  1. I cant believe no one has mentioned 'Glory' that was an amazing movie! I think my favorite has to be private ryna though.
  2. My first sitflying experience was by accident as well. I didnt put enough muscle into a front flip and ended up in what I thought to be a good sitflying position. I was pretty stable and just decided to go with it for awhile instead of leveling out. I dont think it would be too difficult to try again. always remember altitude awareness! -chuck
  3. ^ exactly right. and so that can cause a pretty fast spin
  4. our laser and gps bombs DID save lives. They saved US soldiers lives by demoralizing enemy forces and they saved Iraqi lives because an alternative would be to use a higher number of "dumb" bombs or a higher number of ground troops. and your statement "we should try to make peace, peacefully" comon it was Saddam who kept that from happeneing. We gave him multiple chances. and it wasnt just us he was defying. he was screwing over and lying to the international community also. peace is not that easily attained and war is not that simplified.
  5. my apologies, ive only read the first page. I have never taken a statistics class nor am I very good at math. Even so, I can visualize this and Skylark is wrong. Like somone said- every skydive is its own event and every time there is a 'roll of the dice" that has nothing to do with the previous jump. this all makes complete sense to me. no..someones time is not necessarily up. now, you COULD be surprised at the fact that someone has not had a double mal after reviewing all his jumps but that has nothing to do with probability for the next jump. hypothetically you could flip a coin and beat 50/50 odds for eternity and get heads every single time. the probibility that will happen is just laughable but it CAN happen.
  6. hello my name is chuck whiteside, I live in Atlanta. I tried to register for the forums the other day under the nickname that I have been using for about 5 years now - "Fallosophy" to my surprise I noticed it was taken by a one Mark McDowell. I realized I knew this guy about 2 years back. He was really strange and lied about his skydiving credentials to people. He constantly messaged me on AOL instant messenger where my username is "Fallosophy". Anyway, long story short, he is a weird guy and stole my nickname. I was just wondering since he has only posted 2 posts, and those were a long time ago, if you could delete his account so I can sign up as "Fallosophy" my original nickname that I came up with. all in all this isnt a big deal. I just find it strange that this Mark kid took on my nickname. I'm quite proud of it thank you for any help -chuck