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    Chuck Yeager

    To Add to my earlier post about Bill Meenach... I was just informed that he passed away lastnight in his nome in Susanville, CA He'll be missed...A good friend, and mentor. He always pushed me to go higher and faster than i ever thought possible in all aspects of my life. Blue Skies Forever Bill....
  2. screwbag

    Vector III

    I orderd my new Vector III M-series and waited inpatiently for the rig to come. when it finally came i tore open the box. I just HAD to put it on. the fit is Great and all the custom embroidery came out better than i had hoped. All the measurements and options were just as i had orderd them... My only complaint was that it arrived almost a full month after the promised date. and they added some extra charges that we had discussed on the phone... Would i do it all over again? Yup Even if i had some service issues, it's still the best rig on the market and i'll keep jumpin one as long as they maintain their leading edge on safety and design... I love My Vector!! And Egan at Relative Workshop was really great about me bing picky about some of my options...THANKS EGAN!
  3. screwbag


    I am not so bold as to say that even an AFF student couldn't teach me something, i have just been annoyed by a small group of idividuals who just haven't done their homework, and just like to hear themselves talk. I feel that even though i have done more research than a lot of jumpers, i still know that i have much to learn, and as the sport progresses there is always more to learn. Thanks for the feedback!
  4. screwbag


    I have noticed, that many new jumpers with 50 jumps or less have been trying to preach about skydiving to jumpers with hundreds or thousands of jumps. these newbies will approach a very accomplished canopy pilot just to tell them how to do their landing approach, or that they are being a danger to others... I'm all for being safe, and i want everyone to go without injury through the term of their skydiving, But please stop to think about who you are talking to when preaching. that would be like me telling joe jennings how to fly camera....c'mon i have 107jumps, how dumb would that be!??! I work in a gear store, and people always try to tell me what gear that someone else should jump, i always welcome advice, and admit that i have a lot to learn, our store is very conservative and safety concious, we won't put a 30 jump wonder on a 150 and we won't let someone downsize until approved by a qualified canopy skills coach. So please just give a moments thought before regurgitating the first jump course to those folks who really could have a lot to teach you. has anyone else seen this at their DZ?
  5. screwbag


    I have been jumping my dolphin for over 2 years now, with no problems. I can freefly in it comfortably, and the ease of packing (main or reserve) can't be beat. In my gear store I reccomend it to people as a fir-- well initial rig, simply because it's the best value in the sport.
  6. screwbag

    Pro Competition RW

    After Tearing up other jumpsuits with bad landings, and being a slow learner under canopy, I bought a Merlin Pro-Comp Suit. The construction is hands down the best that i have seen in a jumpsuit. I work in a Large gear store so I see a lot of suits from all over the world. They have the Best of the best! No matter how hard I may try, this suit is still in wonderful shape, I recommend to anyone who is looking for the best! A few extra dollars for a suit that will last a lifetime...Sounds like a Good deal to me!
  7. screwbag


    I'm trying to find a Bonehead half rak...size large or XL. color unimportant....I have tried enerywhere i can think of with no luck. i'll even take used if it's in good shape....but prefer new....we have one in our DZ gear store but it's too small....maybe a trade? Call me at 909-245-7667 Robert
  8. screwbag

    Chuck Yeager

    I find it interested to look up the lesser known names in the same arena... I met an old fly buddy of chucks, by the name of Bill Meenach...they worked together on the old Y-12 project (later called the SR-71) He has some really great stories to tell... so be sure not to forget the lesser known folks...
  9. screwbag

    USPA Election Results

    It's my understanding that the pacific region had a couple of write in votes for mickey mouse... go figure...
  10. screwbag

    alti tick?

    I recently developed an odd similarity between the speedometer in my truck, and my alti3 they both seem to tick a bit....oh well i figure i can do the same thing i do when i am goin down the road...guess!! gotta send it in to get checked...oh well....
  11. screwbag


    well this brings me back to when i was learning to went something like... holy crap!!! it opened!!! of course it left me with some nice bruises from the legstraps....but hey i learned from it!
  12. screwbag

    As the year ends...

    I was falling through the atmosphere the other day, coming up on pull time, and I got to thinking.... I have been skydiving for 2 years now, I have learned a lot, had a blast, met some really great people and made lots of new memories. Although I don't get to jump nearly as much as I would like to, I would like to thank all of you whacked out crazy people who fall from the sky, the people who pack their chutes, the people who sit on the ground and ask "wuffo you do that?" and all other people that make skydiving what it is today. I look forward to many more years of skydiving, and thousands of great jumps. I know that catching up with bill dause is never gonna happen but it's a goal right? well, another thought just occurred to me....SHIT!!! i better pull this thing already!!!! blue skies
  13. screwbag

    Parachute Center

    great fun in the sun. a relaxed atmosphere from friendly people, great service, and killer prices. parachute center is definitely one of my favorites...
  14. screwbag

    Can you psycho pack a Spectre?

    I have worked as a packer at my home DZ for quite some time now and have also been training as a rigger...the DZO prefers his rig to be psycho packed as well as the lead videographer...i myself see no reason for "increased wear" on your canopy. tests done on the psycho pack have shown that the only problem with the pack job is that if proper care is not taken the risk of line over is increased by about 20%...this risk increase is more noticeable on highly elliptical canopies. one must just take extra care to keep the lines to the center and not let your c and d lines get near the nose....i will continue to pack my rig and others (by request ;)) in the psycho pack...if you are not to keen on psycho pack..look up the wolmari pack method...kinda like a pro pack but easier to handle...
  15. screwbag

    Cutaway cables

    i checked on yer question today...apparently the cutaway is NOT a tso item because it is not directly related to the reserve system itself...however there is a delay on one side(the rsl riser) so that the last thing that happens in the sequence is that the rsl gets pulled as the main canopy goes away...if the order were reversed there is a chance of the rsl pulling too soon and the reserve pilot chute deploying into a bad main canopy... hope this helps blue skies
  16. screwbag

    Tube Stoes, but not quite

    i have recently ben experimenting with skybands on a few different types of rigs, talon2, dolphin and vector3 i see no problems with them as of yet other than they make line stowing a bit harder. i will only use cheap rubber bands on my rig. my idea is that the skybands are too strong and you must be careful about using the right sized ones for your line bulk. if the band is too tight it may cause bag lock... a cheap rubber band will snap under the same load and i'd rather replace the band than go to reserve... just be sure that if you do use skybands use only skybands do not mix and match, your lines could deploy unevenly and again...bag lock
  17. screwbag

    Cutaway cables

    i'm not sure how the tso reads on certain rigs. but i do know that the reserve ripcord is a tso'd item so the cutaway may be as well. master rigger only...and even then it's kind of a grey area... contact manufacturer and find out if the tso applies to that specific part. blue ones
  18. screwbag

    Chat room?

    maybe setup a room on easy to do....and easy to punt troublesome chatters... check it out i'd love to see a good chat room here... all you wound hafta do on this site is add a link..... blue skies
  19. screwbag

    Jumpsuit reviews

    after taking my own time to look at several suits by companies like tony, and body sport....the owners of my dz came back from florida with merlin rw suits....the quality on theses suits is higher imho...stronger materials. excellent reenforcement in all the right i immediately ordered one for myself. you oughta look for one and check it out for yerself. blue ones
  20. screwbag

    Jumpsuit prices

    the thing that i look for in my gear is value, i opted to purchase a custom pro-comp suit from merlin suits. with all the custom colors and grips along with specially made booties. it cost about $390. i made the more expensive chice because it was built better than any other suit i had looked at. be sure to consider quality in your pricing. look for top grade materials, reenforcement in all the proper places...etc. blue ones
  21. screwbag

    Sigma Tandem Rig Feedback Wanted

    we just recieved the new sigma at my dz...i have been packing it since...the 2 of our instructors that have jumped it really like it, no ripcords to lose, easy to check reserve pin and cypress, easy to reach handles,and the best feature they like is that the main deployment handles are inactive until the drouge is out. the students that have come back for a second jump (first jump on vector or racer) said it was much more comfortable, the lower bellyband makes for better comfort on deployment. from a packing point of view it packs easily, the closing pin setup with a pin on the drouge line took some getting used to. but this rig has my vote... Edited by screwbag on 5/2/01 00:41 AM.