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  1. screwbag

    Vector III

    I orderd my new Vector III M-series and waited inpatiently for the rig to come. when it finally came i tore open the box. I just HAD to put it on. the fit is Great and all the custom embroidery came out better than i had hoped. All the measurements and options were just as i had orderd them... My only complaint was that it arrived almost a full month after the promised date. and they added some extra charges that we had discussed on the phone... Would i do it all over again? Yup Even if i had some service issues, it's still the best rig on the market and i'll keep jumpin one as long as they maintain their leading edge on safety and design... I love My Vector!! And Egan at Relative Workshop was really great about me bing picky about some of my options...THANKS EGAN!
  2. screwbag


    I have been jumping my dolphin for over 2 years now, with no problems. I can freefly in it comfortably, and the ease of packing (main or reserve) can't be beat. In my gear store I reccomend it to people as a fir-- well initial rig, simply because it's the best value in the sport.
  3. screwbag

    Pro Competition RW

    After Tearing up other jumpsuits with bad landings, and being a slow learner under canopy, I bought a Merlin Pro-Comp Suit. The construction is hands down the best that i have seen in a jumpsuit. I work in a Large gear store so I see a lot of suits from all over the world. They have the Best of the best! No matter how hard I may try, this suit is still in wonderful shape, I recommend to anyone who is looking for the best! A few extra dollars for a suit that will last a lifetime...Sounds like a Good deal to me!
  4. screwbag

    Parachute Center

    great fun in the sun. a relaxed atmosphere from friendly people, great service, and killer prices. parachute center is definitely one of my favorites...