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  1. ianmdrennan


    You've been practicing rear riser landings up high, so practice the transfers - even if you don't intend to use it you may need to one day.


    True, helpful and loaded with knowledge by own experience.
    Your posts are among of the best in this forum.
    (and I fly Icarus canopies) ;-)

    Maybe a small intention from me:
    the threadstarter should go and have a good (!) canopy coach before starting to do own try and error landings ...

    Learning that you have more than 2 toggles and 2 risers for flying (and landing) your canopy is important and may save your life.

    With sufficient thrust,
    pigs just fly well

  2. Hey Micke, you old Bautasten ...,

    just imagine you have been in that plane (Porter roll).
    You know that the exit is on the other side ....

    Pic was shot from a freeflyer who was last out to make a pic from the Porter ... usually he does a sit exit like on the white Porter pic.
    He showed it to the blue Porter pilot and he added some more ..

    For your case, talking to pilots before something like that is always a good idea.....

    With sufficient thrust,
    pigs just fly well

  3. For me it worked best with my team if we had a 10 round session (1,5 minutes per round) with 2 rotations of others between, so we could review our round on the screen and walk through the next round before entering the tunnel again. Mostly it was a freefly round or firsttimer round, so 2 minutes between our flights.
    Means in total: we needed a minimum of 30 minutes to complete our 15 minutes flying time, up to 45 minutes if there were more flyers with us. With that, usually we were able to fly 2 hours/day without any problems.
    As we mostly have been in prague, review on the screens and preparing inside the chamber before entering the tunneltube itself was easy because of the tunneldesign.
    Also if there was no rotation with others at our specific session, they shutted down the airflow so we could fly with a small break between our rounds.
    With an orga like that, if you start early with a coach on 1-1 and you give yourself an hour or slightly more between your sessions, flying 4 sessions with 15 minutes flying time during the day should not be a problem.
    A good coach will give you enough time to prepare in the creeper area/room before entering the chamber and will take care of a good debrief afterwards on the screen to prepare for the next session. One hour a day flying time with about 8 hours in total of briefing/debriefing/wating between rounds/eating/drinking ... then seems to be comfortable even for new tunnel rats..

    With sufficient thrust,
    pigs just fly well

  4. If you have to make sure that your expensively trained specialists have to solve a mission where they never have been before and you don´t want to rely on weather conditions for flight training, also you really want to "train" malfunctions under the most realistic circumstances and you can afford the money, then those VR simulators do a great job (I guess).

    For civillian use, if they were the price of a cellphone, they would also be an advantage, why not?
    Just imagine not only for students, also downsizing could be simulated more realistic and CP might go to another level in training :P
    Or a multi-user CRW training ...
    Amazing new world .... B|

    With sufficient thrust,
    pigs just fly well

  5. How many cutaways are you planning per season?

    Here is how it works and maybe this explains the idea of having maintenance after 3 uses.
    For me, I like the idea of not having a solid peace of metal at my reserve bridle.
    but that is up to everyone to decide for him-/herself.

    I´m jumping Mirage since years and have a cypres.
    If I would have started with my first gear, imagine having a Mirage and the TRAP 28 years ago, I still didn´t have to send it back for maintenance (< 3 cutaways).

    With sufficient thrust,
    pigs just fly well

  6. +1
    good explanation.

    most of us think about stall in the picture of slowing the canopy more and more until it collapses.
    but stall is dynamic as you explained.

    With sufficient thrust,
    pigs just fly well

  7. In my experience, tunneltime for "students" (which are mostly firsttimers or newbies) is meant to get them into good bodypositions, teach them to deal with airflow, practicing turns and forward/backward/upward/downward movements.
    timers in the tunnel are for the organisation and the instructors to know when you have to leave the chamber .. ;)

    Of course the tunnelcrew doesn´t want to have altimeters or such stuff get loose from the student (or experienced) and rush into the fans of the engine ...

    I do not see the need for a kind of altimetercheck/ -display as I would suppose that to be a part of the AFF program at the DZ.
    dealing with the remaining time, giving signals to both (or one) AFF I fits more into groundschool on the DZ ...

    But what do I know ...

    With sufficient thrust,
    pigs just fly well

  8. a well performed track is a result of the body-position in general, not neccessarily adding bootie surface.
    show perfect execution.

    To your thoughts of adding surface:
    the performance comes from the de-arching and catching air at your legs while the whole body is in the shape for sliding forward and falling slower.
    pointing the toes outward will not push you further, but make it more difficult to de-arch.
    try it on the ground.
    lay flat on the packing mat and try to press your shoulders towards the ground, then lift your lower back with toes pointed straight and then try it with pointed outwards.
    feel the difference ....

    With sufficient thrust,
    pigs just fly well

  9. how about that ....
    make it full screen on a tablet and start it from the outside by a helper?
    Ok, not very amazing and only for 11k feet and ends at 3k, but for free ;-)

    Or film a student altimeter training device from 12k > 0 and play that video on a tablet
    something similar to that:

    With sufficient thrust,
    pigs just fly well

  10. bsrodeo540

    .... I am not doing anything crazy, just practicing stalls and flat turns...
    Sometimes when I do full toggle stalls, with uneven toggle input it would give me linetwists which I was able to clear no problem so far. But it is always in the back of my mind, what if I can't and will need to chop?

    Just for my understanding (and aside of the topic of loosening a cheststrap):
    stalls with uneven toggle input and resulting linetwists?
    Not crazy?

    Okay, flat turns are good to know ..
    But I thought that stalling and twisting is gone, since the videos from Wally Gubbins are out of style ...

    With sufficient thrust,
    pigs just fly well

  11. Hi, maybe this helps ...
    close to Vienna:

    Nuggets Leutkirch

    With sufficient thrust,
    pigs just fly well

  12. Tach Philipp,

    ich wohne 8 KM von meiner Heimat-DZ entfernt (Bayern, Unterfranken), bin aber im Laufe meines Lebens auch viel woanders gesprungen.
    "Richtig" springen habe ich mit einigen hundert Sprüngen dann auch in Fehrbellin gelernt, da bin ich zB mehrere Jahre lang am Weekend hingefahren (470 KM/einfach). War aber jeden Tropfen Benzin und jeden Kilometer Stau auf der Autobahn wert.
    Meiner Ansicht nach immer noch eine der besten DZs Deutschlands, wenn nicht sogar die beste .. ;-)

    Du siehst, alles relativ...

    With sufficient thrust,
    pigs just fly well

  13. So now for my 20 cents ...

    as you use a G3.. my experience is that it is not unusual for this helmet to fog the visor. I removed all liners in the front/mouth area, still foggy in cold/humid conditions. even anti-fog spray doesn´t make any spectacular changes (maybe I should use the alcohol advice for cleaning, I just used alcohol in a different way ..)
    my solution is to open it up during linestretch (Crossfire2) or right after checking the airspace before doing something else...
    but I suppose on a ride like this, you think about everything else than just to open the visor ..

    you fly the Skylark one?
    "Odyssey – modern 9-cell fully eliptical high performance canopy.
    Recommended only for experienced canopy pilots!"
    So much for the thoughts what happens with swing/shifting weight in harness, symmetry, ..
    Saw your cutaway with the Sabre2, similar twist but more forgiving ..

    can´t provide any input here, except that I only know it with the tab towards the jumper, not towards the riser..
    again something new to learn and take care of ..

    the canopy ride (my pov):
    If I would pitch at 1000 meters, the opening wouldn´t be finished at 800 meters. but I fly a Crossie ..
    0:25 > symmetrical risers, no tension knots visible
    0:30 > twists in right steering line visible
    0:31 > on the left side also
    why important? twists in steeringlines contribute to tension knots
    solution: untwist them
    0:31 > you grab both risers on the left side (not only the rears)
    0:34 > pull the right rear, not both ..
    0:36 > release of right toggle speeds up rotation

    you stated to know most of those issues, that´s the good part.

    review your packing method may help. seeing that linetwists are not uncommon to you, keep in mind that a highperformance elliptical puts you faster into trouble.
    untwist your steering lines after every jump if neccessary.
    take a canopy course if you didn´t have it already, focus on flying HP canopies (not focus on landings only ..)
    practice riserturns on hop-n-pops to get familiar with that on the Odyssey (should come with the canopy course).
    try everything to ensure the visor to be not foggy again
    talk to an experienced rigger about that RSL issue, might save your life.
    pitch higher.
    get toggles in contrasting color.

    this is my personal view and not the ultimate wisdom.
    maybe I saw something wrong due to the quality of the youtubevid or to the lack of coffee ..
    glad you survived and good that you be so open to discuss.
    I guess at round 800 jumps, I wouldn´t have done that because I was the best in the world those days ...
    and immortal of course ...

    With sufficient thrust,
    pigs just fly well

  14. We were testing communication devices not for skydiving, but for tunnelcoaching.
    Using a standard PMR intercom with PTT was not bad with an earplug (see pic) for the flyer and the coach outside of the tube.
    With the coach inside of the chamber right next to the flyers in the tube, however, the noise in the mic was too high.
    On the other hand, standing in the visitors area and talking to your "hand" was a little funny ...
    I guess a bluetooth device which can be easy switched for the flyers (> Audiblepocket ...?) in addition to a noisecancelling mic for the coach would be a nice benefit in tunnelcoaching for beginners.
    For freefall, I guess CReW and Wingsuit will fit more into that as for FS or FF dives...

    With sufficient thrust,
    pigs just fly well