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  1. I would wholeheartedly recommend Mesquite. Went to the tandem factory in Jean one day with a friend. Didn't jump. Very unfriendly to fun jumpers and super expensive. Went to Mesquite the next day with a different friend doing their first jump and it was the exact opposite.
  2. Brian's videos are great. Every so often he has some good bundle deals too.
  3. Would be great if they did that. Even the FAA puts things out for comment.
  4. Seems everyone took away something different from this. LOL. I saw the summary and I thought USPA hates small dropzones. The new requirements for B and C license could be tough if you are at c182 DZ. 50 formation jumps with 10 being 4 way or larger when that is the total capacity of the jump ship. Can be hard to schedule all that at a small dropzone. Honestly, even at a larger Cessna dropzone it could be hard to get all these jumps in in only 200 jumps.
  5. As a pilot I am also a member of a few other aviation groups. USPA is always the first and sometimes only organization that alerts me to important things such as this.
  6. There are some pretty compact systems being used on ultralight. You might have a look at those.
  7. Recently they said they won't put them on even if you ask!
  8. I don't have packing tabs on my rig. One of the riggers has said she would sew some on. PD stopped offering that option recently.
  9. My daughter is looking to start packing soon at the local DZ. They prefer flat packing for student and rental gear. I think there isnmerit to their arguments for flat packing sometimes. We made a little video for anyone who cares to learn more. Keep in mind this is geared toward students and is not necessarily a tips video. https://youtu.be/heARYyRbv9I
  10. This is a small part of a project I recently started. Best thing you could do is get the range increased to a couple miles. BTW, I plan on integrating this into a complete system that will also control cameras.
  11. I suspect you already know the answer to this question. What's the cost of renting a 210 for a couple jumps? How does that compare to cost of doctor visit follow a rough landing?
  12. That is my home DZ. And they have no refunds. At all. Period. Zero. Cash, credit, whatever. Once money is handed over, you will never see it again. It's not on their website, but at manifest, there's a sign. I fibbed myself on AFF-A, after putting like 500 bucks (cash) into account. Not sure if I will come back to the sport, I asked about refunds. Was told No. What if I will never jump again? Well, you can bring someone and they can do a tandem... I thought this was the norm, so I annoyed the shit out of DeLand manifest (first DZ after my home DZ I went to) by bring them cash for every jump. When they told me that they will just cash me out at end of day, I was shocked. What DZ so I know which one to avoid? They're talking about Sky's the Limit in Stoudsburg, PA.
  13. For cold hands, latex or similar gloves under decent skydiving gloves seem to work well. They will get sweaty and should only be worn from shortly before you board to when you get down to avoid having that sweat get cold later.
  14. I mean that this year I'm already committed to other things that weekend and the following. Wish I could get back down to Georgia, but won't happen this year. Maybe next year will be different.