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  1. yep top secret? the secret was, how do i get this reserve to work? LOL
  2. i might spend the winter there. it would be great to get some jumps in. thanx for the link.
  3. buy a van and put a bed in it that way you can go from dz to dz and follow the good skydiving and weather.
  4. what a stupid move. i see it as crimanal negligence. why do you need a gun in the car at night? the car aint going to defend itself. and why the night scope? people with your attitude is the reason the liberals are always whining about guns. have you reported the missing gun to the cops?
  5. go make some jumps. that will put a smile on your face.
  6. definetly not the shrooms. find a doc that knows what he is doing.
  7. and when i turn up at lax. all i will get to pick up is winston.?????? get a bus. scrounger.
  8. we almost kept out of ww2 if the american people had had thier way we would have left them to it.
  9. exactly. but we never got the go ahead from the un remember. but America now looks like it can fight the good fight with a weak nation, but lets not mess with the big guys. is that not the actions of a typical bully? come up against a tough guy and they run away from a fight. next the chinese will invade tiwan and will we still stand by and do nothing but rattle sabres?
  10. i don,t think america can tell the rusians to back off. they ain,t going to listen. has the usa lost its clout. i think the rusians are laughing at us.