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  1. had to be atrial, the ventricles don't work at that rate, without full test results this is not the place to ask for advice. talk to the cardiologist and explain what you want to do. if he's an airhead (no pun intended) get a 2nd opinion. suggesting catheter abalation without full test results is like jumping a rig without a clue what's in it. see your hearts master rigger
  2. it says there is a dropzone in costa rica but there is no info on it. has anyone ever jumped there and where do you get info on it?
  3. i just told a guy "mark cole " to get lost. he sent $3000 for a $400 chute and asked me to pay the shipper. i should have torn it up but it was amoney order so im checked it out at the bank.after deducting my expenses and hassle fee i sent the rest to the shipper. they never came for the rig so i emailed them and said i would put it back on sale if it wasn't picked up. he says the guy broke his spine and is in an african hospital could i return the money. wow what balls these guys have. anyway i told him to hit the road