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  1. It looks like a rattlesnake. Draw eyes on it. It does bite, so don't try to snip at anyone with your new friend. "life is like a chocolate chip take a bite and there like all this mushy stuff in it"
  2. I went to Gruene for the first time a couple of months was awesome. Gruene Hall Rokz
  3. I have resolved to not even acknowledge these guys and their "heck yeh, I'll do it" attitudes. If they wanna do it, they'll do it. I'll just have to enjoy this without my officially "whuffo's". I'm just gonna move on. By the guys posting here are a bunch of nuts!!! You are killin' me!!
  4. Yup....they should have gone tandem huh???? they probably thought they were gonna die!!! I'll tandem for life to save my dingy ass.
  5. forgive me for my - what the heck is mercury soup???
  6. but doesn't everything taste like chicken anyway???? We eat pigs....they eat......ewww....nevermind. sushi anyone?
  7. Hey got that involuntary form of celabacy???? I call it cela-bitis!!!! Have fun!
  8. Gotcha!!! In the words of Rosanne-Rosanna-Danna "if it's not one's's ALWAYS sumthin"
  9. Hey Country!!!!!!! Wow!!!! I'm gonna copy this thread for my phobic friends!!! I think it may convince them that, that's really not what they are afraid of.....they just be SKEEEERED!!!
  10. I dunno...maybe its because i'm a woman, but I would rather have a strong ass man guiding my freaked out self down and keeping me alive than one of us of the fairer builds!! Ya know?? NO offense to my lady pals.
  11. Too funny!!! Glad my mother has all her teeth, but it'll give her something to laugh about....she wanted to jump..chickened out.
  12. ya know....I bet if I called some of these fellas and said they've got a hot lookin TM at the DZ....they'd still cop out. What a bunch of babies.
  13. I agree. How can you really enjoy the freefall from 14.5 without an instructor? I felt so so safe with my TM, just because I had no idea of how I would REALLY faint or something. (I smiled all the way down)!!
  14. My TI was soooooooo cute...I didn't mind having him around!!!! Hmmm...tandem for life!!