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  1. On approach leg, prior making 90 deg. into final for landing, I wasn't comfortable with proximety to canopy in front of me (same altitude). I turned out wide to increase seperation and couldn't make it inside the beer line (15 + mph headwind). On shrugging off the rig with the packers, got right in my vehicle and headed off to get beer. Manifest was really appreciative! Surprisingly so... Has buying beer become less comon practice? We had a lot of landings out that day and beer should have been bought. Not all those outs could be blamed on poor spot!
  2. Received a phone call Thursday night (1/18) that Kaleb, the DZO for Air Adventures passed away in his sleep. It was suggested he had an enlarged heart. Also, mentioned was a memorial service at the DZ midday - Saturday 1/20. Can anyone add info on this? DZ did not answer this mornings phone call. Condolences to Kaleb's family and all the lives he touched.
  3. I'm surprised no one mentioned "Pike" position exit yet...step to the tail and turn around facing the interior of the plane, grasp your ankles or calves and gently fall out backwards and hold the position. The wind blast under the plane will hit the back of your legs and put you into a perfect, on axis rotation. Several rotations are possible before the wind blast is nominalized. A real crowd pleaser! Enjoy...
  4. Intentional cutaway = Breaking up with your significant other
  5. Great post...fun and scary to read all the dumb ass stuff wev'e done. #1. This guy approaches me in a Casa about 30 seconds before I plan on leaving the plane asks if he can join me on my sit fly? Me being completely inexperieced, but very stable, (had 37 jumps or so) says sure, lets go. I get so wrapped up in this guys mastery of free flying I don't check altitude once (pre dytter jump). The only indicator I had was this guy breaking off, then, the mesmerizing effect was shattered and I'm @ 1500' OH SH_T!!! On the ground, as I recount the story ,I'm asking "who was that guy", folks were laughing telling me "thats Mike Swanson, #1 free flyer in the world". Thanks for that jump Mike! #2 Got so wrapped up in the excitement and laughter on the ride to altitude during night jumps, I didn't clip the chin strap on my helmut...good thing it fits tight. That loose feeling combined with the strap insistently slapping my cheek gave me warning...Big helping of DUH before that jump.
  6. Jarcie, I've found it to be my own responsibility to garner as much info as possible on canopy control. Check out Brian Germain if he lectures in your area or pick up some of his literature. Also, Bryan Burke does a great job covering many aspects. Check out link below. (someone give me a heads up on how to make it clicky please) http://www.skydiveaz.com/resources/book_canopy.htm
  7. [Hey big guy...not to Hijack the thread but I think maybe you should head a bit north this weekend. Interested in playing in the dark, under the moon, about 13,000 feet up ?] Hey Dee, I'm there!!! I've put myself in place for nighttime excursions out at the Lake not too long ago and the weather was just frigid and they were canceled. So I'm psyched for a closer to home after dark outing! Since we just jacked SOBES thread (others guilty as well), they should know we love the new SOBE zone dearly and definitely will see them on the 13th and 14th. See you this weekend!!! And to the Mini Michigan excursion, come on down! You'll love SOBE...Florida DZ's rock!
  8. Way to go Skydive SOBE! Count me in. BTW, what will heli rides to altitude cost? (It's that damn mortgage that keeps getting in the way of all my jump money)
  9. Huge congrats to Jumpsfromplanes. Mile Hi must be a gorgeous place to fly. We are headed in your direction this weekend for some boarding action in Beaver Creek and Vail. Yeah, the rig is staying at home, a week just isn't long enough to do it all. Plus, rippin up the slopes for a while pegs my fun meter just as much. I'll have to visit in the summer to really enjoy. In the meantime, join us down here for some fun in the sun..... See you soon
  10. Forget the question! Thanks for posting that vid! What a treat to watch midday in my office...at least it's Friday. No jumping for me this weekend though, going boarding in Vail next week, need to save coin and don't need any tweeked body parts. Again, great vid!
  11. Hilarious, thanks for sharing and looking forward to the vid. Guess I won't be jumping my comfy velcro running shoes anymore lest they join my long lost helmut (chin strap still engaged) and dytter. Result of a particularly hard mind warp.
  12. All the responses hit home with me! The reasons are all that and more, its in my soul. Adrenaline release is one of my driving aspects. Its one of the sports that pegs my fun meter and balances me. I am definitely off kilter and can get short if I go too long without some jumps. Makes facing another high pressure work week seem plausible. Saw a great poster showing some RW where the caption read "Studies have proven it is impossible to do this and think about work at the same time" How true!
  13. We want a picture! Who is the Manufacturer of the container and main? I dont recognize TS or Exe... And no ones laughing about the sqft....shut up you guys. I know the problems being a 6"-4" athlete/bodybuilder with an exit weight topping 250 lbs.
  14. Yes, they are developing a reputation for long snivel and off heading openings. Love mine though! Typically opens in 500' to 700' and often enough off heading. Now, maybe if I didn't ball it up and stuff it in.... Seriously, it flies great!
  15. Z-Hills in Florida offers them often, but not on a weekly basis (more like monthly).