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  1. When you mention "jumping" a speed wing or a paraglider, do you mean D-bagging it of a non moving airship, or skydive it? Or maybe rollovers... Would you elaborate on this please? Fabien BASE#944
  2. About 8 years ago, Nervures ( manufacturer of the Swoop speedflying wing ) built and experimented a high aspect ratio skydive wing. I don't remember the details, but I think they had a 19m2 and a 17m2, with a plan form very similar to a paraglider. I believe this was a prototype for the military. Anyway, it's never been produced as a sport canopy. Fabien BASE#944
  3. Didn't I hear you about walking back with your WS on and your reserve in your hand, saying 'I shouldn't do that'? Just kidding... Fabien BASE#944
  4. First WS BASE jump ended up in water, WS was a crossbow. I could swim well enough with just the arm zippers undone to get back to the shore, 15 meters away, dragging my canopy full of water. But that was in standing water. same thing in running water would probably have gotten ugly. Fabien BASE#944
  5. Well, it happened before, in 1983 if i'm correct, when Saddam Hussein ( being 1980's aggressor, with the benediction from the occidental world, at this era he was our good guy ) offered a ceasefire and a peace treaty. This was rejected, as the young iranian theocracy needed this war as a reason to crush down their political opponents. So, political change in Iran is no relevant reason for an attack. Fabien BASE#944
  6. I voted 1-, but since I transitionned from the Xfire to the velo, it's more like: 1-Congratulate myself for having an open and flying canopy, then 2-vote 1. Fabien BASE#944
  7. Not much experience on the Xaos 27, but 3 jumps on a -82 loaded at 2.3. Openings were kind of fast, but not to the point it may be a problem, and absolutly on heading, without a single degree of orientation from pitch to full flight. Which was a big change from my velo 96... That goes your way. Fabien BASE#944
  8. This is the pb as I see it: If the exit airspeed is a safety issue, then the pilot should take that into account. When I was a jump pilot, I would never had this idea of not reducing power and IAS, and not leveling the aircraft for ANY jump run. It's only in the US that I discovered this habit of dropping hop'n poppers in a climb, and even that can lead to a stabilizer strike, should the exit be a little pushy ( it happened in caravans and in Otters). Not to mention a wingsuiter. But I can understand the economic of gaining 10 seconds of flight... But when it comes to a low jump run because of clouds, and there's no further climbing, where's the operational point of a high power, high speed jump run? Fabien BASE#944
  9. Maybe I'm missing something, but can someone explain to me the relationship between exit altitude and jumpship airspeed? Fabien BASE#944
  10. This used to be a joke: "do you have your cellphone with you?" Fabien BASE#944
  11. Are the louie loop risers standard now on the vector micron? Fabien BASE#944
  12. congrat's... I'm just beginning to believe that wife and base can mix... Fabien BASE#944
  13. fab777

    #108 - ?????????

    You have to take into consideration the fact that most of the french jumper don't go all over the internet with this. We all knew about our friend, we mourned him, a memorial jump will be organized somtime during the spring. More details are known, but throwing them all around DZ.com to people to fight about it just doesn't seem right to us. If you want to learn from him, don't jump alone were you can't make a call. the rest of the story has happened thousands of times. Some people here should bitch a little less, assume less things, and jump a little more. Fabien BASE#944
  14. fab777

    Glide ratio

    Be careful with visual judgement of slope by smoke on a pic or vid. It's confusing, and you'll almost always think the GR is better than it is actually. Just watch the Soul flyer 2 vid. Seems like nobody can beat them, until the camera flyer comes to the side and we see the real angle... And then, it's closer to 1.something. To give a realistic angle, a pic needs to be taken for the side, on the same level, and from far enough. GPS is the best tool. Fabien BASE#944