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  1. Most of the time the photo will be ruined if you try to peel it away from the glass. If you know someone who is good at photoshop, you can scan the photo (with the glass) and try to fix the spots, then reprint it. I used to do that all the time at work for people in the same situation. -Stacey team swooo swooo #1
  2. I met Sara when I first started skydiving a few years ago. I remember her showing me how to pack, giving me tips and helping me with my new gear. She was always so willing to take time for others. I only got to jump with her a couple times, and me and Alyson got to bring her on her first 3 stack crw jump, what a fun jump! She was so excited, as was I, we got down from the jump and there she was in the landing area with a huge smile on her face, like always. I will never forget Sara, it is still so hard to believe she is gone. Yonothan, I am so sorry for your loss, and my condolences go out to Sara and Ron's families. -Stacey team swooo swooo #1
  3. Hey all you Swoooers! Looking forward to seeing all the swooo members practicing their swooo's and entering the accuracy competition! I'll be there with the rest of Team Swooo, ready to initiate any wanna-be swooo members! -Stacey team swooo swooo #1
  4. I'll be there, isn't that good enough?? Alyson, Kristen, Howard, Aarthi!!!! Lisa, Darlene, Liz and a few other people that I can't remember are coming.. i guess we'll just have to wait and see. I can't wait to get out of the cold NJ weather! See you soon! -Stacey team swooo swooo #1
  5. Me and Alyson were a little busy this weekend, we initiated 4 new members to Team Swooo! congrats to Amanda, Chris, Sandy, and Cassidy!! I think the total Swooo count is now up to 16
  6. hey Dave, i'm reserving the number for you! good news, all of those who are already swooo memebers, shirts should be available any day now, also, it's confirmed, there are about 6 or 7 CRW dogs coming out for the Swooo Boogie! BettyAnn, i think it would be great if you and Allen mud wrestle each other, what do ya think?? Only one weekend left to buy your spandex! see you all next weekend... -Stacey team swooo swooo #1
  7. Congrats to our newest Swooo Member, PJ!! He is Swooo #6.022x10 to the 23rd!!! wow, what a number! Our jump with PJ was fabulous... we can't wait to go back up and try the hybrid again. Also, there is a correction on our list of Swooo Members... Damo is not #74, he is #84, sorry! -Stacey team swooo swooo #1
  8. ok, so there are some new events that are being added to the swooo boogie, we have decided to do a fund raiser, including lots of mud... more details coming soon! -Stacey team swooo swooo #1
  9. That is a great idea!! when tall and mischievous comes back, i would love to see a simultaneous student-like swooo with small dark and handsome that would be soooo entertaining, we need video!! he needs his swooo number soon anyway!! as for the australian wanna be delegate, i'm not so sure, that wasn't actually a designated swooo jump, no one did the exit count, and you guys jumped in front of the flat flyers (not your turn!!) thats why you didn't see us the rest of the jump, cause there was a group in between us! so you'll just have to wait till you come back
  10. ok, for all those that are wondering, at first, to become a swooo member you just had to jump with a founding member of team swooo. however, this past weekend, recent member number 74 decided he WANTED to do a swooo (straight in approach and all!) and he did, it was beautiful! so then we got to thinking, maybe a proper swooo should be completed in order to become a member
  11. hey Ari, you're just jealous that you're not a swooo member yet! we'll see how you do when you have to swooo!!!! -Stacey team swooo swooo #1
  12. check out the ad for the swooo boogie! -Stacey team swooo swooo #1
  13. i dont know who it is, but it's definately in his lines, he landed with it, not knowing he hit it, and the judges untangled it and it flew away! it was during the pro acuracy comp. -Stacey team swooo swooo #1
  14. someone did catch a bird in his lines, i have a picture of it its picture numbers 7-4 and 7-5 -Stacey team swooo swooo #1
  15. Here is a link to some pictures from the Wildwood Pro Swoop tour more pictures at