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  1. Was it not "Fun Lovin Criminal" by The Fun Lovin Criminals? A FreeFly Gypsy
  2. If my question did cause you problms with the federation my excuses. I just was wondering or this did happen befor, Let me know by pm when there is some news, Greetz A FreeFly Gypsy
  3. FreeFlySoul, I was just wondering if there were others ws flyers who have actually had this. I never did say about what or who or where, just a friend of mine who had this problem. Thx for the feedback Jarno, A FreeFly Gypsy
  4. Just was asking or anyone did had this problem in the past. I'm not going to speculate here about the incident but I'm trying to understand the problem what the dude told me at the phone. A FreeFly Gypsy
  5. It's a Soulflyer suit. A FreeFly Gypsy
  6. Has anyone had this problem, the wing release handle blocked and an blocked cutaway handle in his wingsuit? A friend of min had this problem and I try to understand how it could happen. Greetz A FreeFly Gypsy
  7. Seems to be a new Belgian record, Here is thee sit with more info: From the Hayabusa site: R1: J-O-A-H-F (donut-satellite-unipod-bow-open acc); If you do this one on the creepers, you can already feel, that this is a very fast one. It is off course very challenging to beat the official world Record of France Maubeuge. 42 points in 35 sec. We knew about the unofficial world Record by Deland Fire last shamrock at Deland, they scored an amazing 47, but they didn't have official judges on site. But no worries, everything still had to be jumped. Immediately after we went to our hotel in Menen; We had to go to bed as soon as possible; because some of the guys were very tired after a long day of hard work. ... formation that wasn’t finished. From here on, we got distracted, and after 3-4 seconds our Pro track bieped, time to break. While we were under canopy, we felt that we left a great opportunity for a even greater score. After landing Bruno went to the dubbing room, when he came back he told us that he had counted a 47-48 points in time, but that he was to far away in the exit; so that we could loose some points causing of this. Well, our faces turned from cloudy to sunny :-) That it was better than a 42, that we knew, but how much, we still had to wait after the judging. 1h later, the judges announced that we scored a 45! 45 points in 35 seconds. Not bad for a semi-professional team ;-) We lost one point for the transition going from 2 to point 3. Video busted. Everything was clear enough to see. 45 points. The second Belgian team NMPV (Belgians military team) scored as well an outstanding 35 points. Even for them this is a new competition record. But the meet isn’t over yet, and we still have to jump. ... A FreeFly Gypsy
  8. Was it in an competition the 47 points? As I did hear th 45 points was in an competition but 47, wow. A FreeFly Gypsy
  9. Has somebody more information about the new world record 4-way from the Hayabusa team? I did hear that it is 45 points now. Greetz A FreeFly Gypsy
  10. 55 jumps with a Manta 288 and Lopo reserve. One landing with the Lopo. Flat pack for the Manta, later Pro Pack the next canopies: Turbo Z 210 my radical downsize to a Pd 170 later, Sabre 150, Sabre 120, Stil 107, Fx 89, Velo 79, A FreeFly Gypsy
  11. Thx, I just read there that BillB. did once 50 tandems in a day. Most tandems in one day on one dz is now 255. Grtz. B. A FreeFly Gypsy
  12. Thx, this already helps, At goolgle this page was not on my list. Grteetz B. A FreeFly Gypsy
  13. Is there anybody who have more info? I do want to know what the world record tandemjumping is, done in one day by one club at one dropzone. I can not find much info at the net. Greetz, B. A FreeFly Gypsy
  14. 1000+, fly velo 79 @ 2.45, 270degree approach, never been injured. A FreeFly Gypsy
  15. Why put it in numbers? A skydiver, or student, can participate a swoop competition by the end of the summer when he, or she, did kearn to skydive, that is asking for problems. If you talk numbers than I say minimum 1000 jumps before participating a swoop event. As I understand the item is when to learn to swoop, then 4 à 500 jumps is required. If you talk canopy control, it can not be early enough to start with. I give canopy control already with the first jump course. But he, that is just me, ... A FreeFly Gypsy
  16. did a weekend at jsc with my Fx89, I would say the Velo for jumping at jsc, as I feel it there is much more lift in a Velo then in a Fx or Xaos. I did jump some canopies, I try to feel how they fly and land but the canopies I know best are the Stil107, Crossfire 99, the Fx 89 and the Velocity79. The Xaos78 and Rage84 I only have 50 jumps on each. I even did jump the Blade Runner 104 at Pietermaritzburg, what a canopy, In december I will be back in SA to do some jumps at jsc, Tonto, be there for a ws coacj-hing I hope. A FreeFly Gypsy
  17. Swooopa, I do use the Velo for al my jumps but I going to do my camerajumps with a Crossfire2 and hop & pop with the Velo. My Fx had sometimes to nervous openings and the Xaos is good for fun. The JVX has one thing negative, you can only do 200 jumps with a lineset. The are a spare lineset with the canopy when you order one. What dz are you jumping? A FreeFly Gypsy
  18. I'm sure that one can learn much just by watching landings like you say. It will not give you the experience like Ian says. Watching mistakes from other swoopers is even more teachfull but make one mistake yourselves and you will learn a lot. I hope that mistake does not hurt. Swooping is not an art, continuing swooping, thats art. A FreeFly Gypsy
  19. What about the dropzone kids? They watch already from, let's say when they were 5 years old, parachutes landing. I do know a kid like that and I can tell you, before his first jump he often did say to me who was doing a good or bad landing. ok, there are not much skydivers like that but I try to say that you can not put every student in the same box. 95% from the students does not have any idea how to swoop but somebody with a good eye can learn much at the dropzone. A 180° turn at 100 jumps? but I will explain everything to this student about swooping and how to begin with it. I use Brians book as a guideline for this. What is a swoop for this 100 jump skydiver, the lift sensation? The 20 ft turf? The world record stuff? In what context is the student asking questions? After those questions you know what kind of people you have in front of you. A FreeFly Gypsy
  20. what about the ground lift effect. A wingsuit what flies 10 cm over the ground will create enough ground lift effect and drag to get the forward speed out of it. Put an extra border at the side of the wing, a border like the kangaroo slider what prevent the wind to get out in a straight line, and you will create your own hoover craft. It does not take much but is very effective. Anybody interested to do the test jumps? A FreeFly Gypsy
  21. Shit, is that Belgian beer next to the vodka? A FreeFly Gypsy
  22. Dave, it is not only a problem in the states. The same problem is also in europe. The problem is that even federations do not have enough feedback to put a good program together. Canopy is something what they can not put somewhere this moment. Brian does have good guidelines already in his book but the problem is how to put them in a rule or coaching program. I do not start the discussion from a few months ago back at the table but that discussion is one good example for that. I do hope that federations will do something about the education for canopy instructors. For the moment we only have Brians book, this forum and common sense. A FreeFly Gypsy
  23. can be that they will go to Rom. I'm not because I start my season at Royan early in june. Next time pm me plss, A FreeFly Gypsy