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  1. Perfect. that's the sound I was going for. I know my vocals suck but, I'm not trying to get a recording contract. More like Is this good enough around the campfire? My photos My Videos
  2. HAHA!! Well, i guess you couldnt even read my lips. My photos My Videos
  3. Any feedback? I know i miss a few notes and I forgot the lyrics (which made me add an extra measure) in 2 places. But, I don't cutting the process apart. I wanted the live take. My photos My Videos
  4. Mr reaper probably figured it was too much effort to wrestle the life out of you. Glad he's smaller and weaker than you. What happened? My photos My Videos
  5. Please leave your comments. Good and bad. It's appreciated. Jt's version of Black \Got a few originals I wanna record...just messing with the gear. My photos My Videos
  6. Agreed. When I found out we had it I was stoked...then, I saw it and they had some close up of me...NOthing better for a skydivers wish list. (especially when that skydiver is usually behind the camera) My photos My Videos
  7. Thanks! Billy, They only aired the two team flags coming in. They said they would air us but, with all parachuting events you can probably assume why they didn't. At least the two cadets with the team flags got some braggin rights. Luckily, we got this amazing footage for our highlight reel. My photos My Videos
  8. I was on a spectre, the cadets were on PD's Funny thing. We had our cadet on the lip to read winds. they set them off afterward and scared 4 years of life out of her. Billy, there was 80,000+ ppl there. it was electrifying. the roar was crazy. you could feel it. My photos My Videos
  9. Not sure about cars but the tail gate party was apparently out of control. we left during the 3rd quarter and could barely find our way due to the trash and beer bottles. My photos My Videos
  10. Hmmm...Amazon...Doesn't ring a bell. LOL My photos My Videos
  11. I had a very cool opportunity to jump into the BCS game in Jan 2013. ESPN passed the Footage to the Team. Here it is. I am the first one down and then there is a slo-mo clip at the end. Man that was fun! My photos My Videos
  12. That video reminds me of last Thursday. My photos My Videos
  13. I thought so ,too. Check out their set at the international blue challenge in memphis last night. My photos My Videos
  14. So, a childhood friend is Playing at the international blue challenge in Memphis through Sunday. He's in the semi finals. What do you think of Anthony Rosano and the Conqueroos? The video may or may not bore ya. This is his set from last night My photos My Videos
  15. weird I haven't really posted in a while. Billvon is taking up the slack though. My photos My Videos
  16. jtval

    RIP Rev Jim

    What a bitch! Never got to meet him but I had some good pm's with him over the years. I knew him as a good guy and always thought the oldschool dz.com crowd would always be around. Rest Easy, Jim. My photos My Videos
  17. jtval

    Deuce Matters

    Agreed. He was a good man. My photos My Videos
  18. Sweet. thanks all for the offers. I'm still looking at the map and my options. I just got back from some fun road trip (mesquite, LV, Lake Havasu) but, I'm gonna start getting some thoughts together. My photos My Videos
  19. So, My time in Colorado is wrapping up. I'm going to be moving from Colorado Springs to South Carolina. I still have about 6 months to plan the trip but I will have 2 small, trained dogs but, I need to jump my way across the states. I'm still chasing the goal of all 50. Any, suggested routes, dz's along the way? I'm not even sure which route I'll take yet. Just wanna see if anyone is out there. My photos My Videos
  20. jtval

    Manti Te'O

    I HAD NO IDEA wtf everyone was talking about...and I jumped into the BCS game. But, Now that I have an idea I just hurt myself laughing at the photo you posted. thank you!! My photos My Videos
  21. Its not often I sit through a whole video if I am not familiar with the ppl in it. Nice job, editing. My photos My Videos
  22. There's a lot of concentrating that goes on when playing and recording all of that stuff yourself. Gotta worry about levels, glitches, video capabilites audio capabilites, timing and NOT FUCKING up. the last thing on most peoples mind when recording is how they look. now, if youre at a live show you have to entertain but the live show is easier to cut loose in my opinion because youre not so focused on perfection. My photos My Videos
  23. And the nominees are 'adventure athletes', and the poll is being run by a video-on-demand service for a European audience.
  24. You guys are all funny...and wrong. Funny because Wendy had an obvious SKYDIVING badass in mind. Then, to see everyone try to outdo eachother, is cute, no matter how misguided. I am the biggest bad ass of the year. Why? because this year is only two days old and I got to do some fun shit. Give it a few days. I'm sure I'll be dethroned. My photos My Videos