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  1. Trained them myself But, this time I was supposed to leave and I wanted to put them in a training program so I didn't have to start from zero again. Normally, I leave them with friends and they completely mess up the training. My photos My Videos
  2. Glad to hear you're recovering. My photos My Videos
  3. This is more of a phrase but I like calling people Taint stain. My photos My Videos
  4. I'd clean it up and get out of there. I dont want my DNA at the scene. My photos My Videos
  5. phlebotomy. or a fun mash up of words. phebotanist- A profession where one researches the effects and uses of chorophyll. Phyllis Diller got her start as a phlebotanist. My photos My Videos
  6. jtval

    Ripped Off

    Had to do it, for comedic effect, Andy. My photos My Videos
  7. jtval

    Spoof phone bill

    +1 My photos My Videos
  8. So, I have what may be a weird issue. I have some files on my card Lets say it's Gopro001 Gopro002 Gopro003 Gopro004 Gopro005 When I delete one and leave the rest (lets say I delete 003) Gopro001 Gopro002 Gopro004 Gopro005 the next time I use the gopro the first file to record is Gopro003 then, Gopro006 Gopro007 Gopro008 Etc. Is there a continuous numbering option? My photos My Videos
  9. Nothing? My photos My Videos
  10. So, I get tired of seeing people bitch about things and not try to present a solution. Here's [url https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/governmental-reform-act/VN5TZwCX]my crack at making some noise[url] It needs 100,000 signatures to be seen. Worst case scenario- you get some thread fodder. best case scenario- I get some pointers on the best way to go about this. Have fun. Tear it apart My photos My Videos
  11. jtval

    Music lovers

    The song maureen was recorded live in studio. That was them jamming. they had an idea but didn't work on it for days etc... My photos My Videos
  12. jtval

    Music lovers

    The song is about a real woman. She has a tattoo of the devils hand. I wish you could hear Hallowed ground. (original) Here's his version of "Little red" It kicks major ass. I grew up with him so I've got songs on cd that he hasn't "released" yet. He's got some good tunes. My photos My Videos
  13. jtval

    Music lovers

    Hmm never heard of them. Pretty good. Never knew they tried anything after Jim The intro reminded me of mad season My photos My Videos
  14. jtval

    Music lovers

    Agreed. I asked them why he uploaded that file to the contest. It sounds like an iphone file. Again, its you tube audio of a live show but they did one way out Here's a link to the audio from the cd You can check them out on FB My photos My Videos
  15. jtval

    Music lovers

    Meanwhile everyone else is rubbing everything else My photos My Videos
  16. jtval

    Music lovers

    That it does. Musical lovers is a whole new spin on things. Like musical chairs My photos My Videos
  17. They jump year around if the weather is good. I usually get upcoming weekend weather updates from Jim McCormick. they jump often. My photos My Videos
  18. jtval

    Music lovers

    I edited in the last link. It's a link to youtube that shows some of their stuff. I believe these guys are very good, not just because o grew up with on of them. check em out. what do you think? My photos My Videos
  19. jtval

    Music lovers

    My friends bandare in a contest to play Las Vegas. If you feel like helping you can vote for them (daily)on the sin city blue revival page. Simply "like" the page. click the "vote" button. then, find the video labeled "Anthony Rosano and the Conqueroos" and click the "vote" button again. He's got some momentum but he joined a week late. If you think anyone would like them please pass this. It' d be great to see them play in my old home. My photos My Videos
  20. Ah, Screw shoveling. I bought a snowblower during lasts years big storm. I'll wait til tomorrow and clear all the driveways on my block, again. My photos My Videos
  21. Im in Co Springs. We got about 8 inches on wedneday and 2 or three today. It's supposed to snow for another 11 -ish hours. My photos My Videos
  22. The first time I met her in person I had already heard about her hugs so, I just went limp and let her shake me. It was very relaxing to just hang there like that. My photos My Videos
  23. I know some JJ. I'll have to refresh my memory on no other way. (actually, Skyrose introduced me to JJ flake about a decade ago. on this forum.) My photos My Videos
  24. I see it normally, as well. I had no clue what you were talking about. I don't see lines it anything but the title. My photos My Videos