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    Moving to NJ

    Im thinking of adding a location... I've jumped in 18 States (and two other countries so far.) This trip'll give me 22 states. Once I'm settled in in NJ, I'll hit those states that I have hit yet. My photos My Videos
  2. jtval

    Moving to NJ

    Thanks for the info. I meet her requirements. Lucky and Rookie, Is hamilton a decent area to live or should I look elsewhere? I'm goig to be stationed as McGuire AFB. I'd like to be centrally located. I prefer not to drive more than 15-20 miles to and from work each day. I thought I saw a DZ about 27 miles from Mcguire. (farmingville?) Is it any good? CK is def close enough...However, I may not be jumping until I acclimate to the humidity. I was there in july 2010...it sucked. IT was like 99* and 300%humidity. Hows the outdoors activities over there? Hiking, climbing, runing paths, biking etc? My photos My Videos
  3. This may give you some ideas . Stay safe. No reason to die if the fires is coming with too much force. My photos My Videos
  4. jtval

    Moving to NJ

    Some of you may have remembered This post about moving to South carolina. Things changed I am moving to NJ next month. I hope to hit a few dz's on the way out. Does anyone know anything about Skydive Kansas Fly Free (missouri) Jerrys circus(indiana) I hope to drive through and stop in for a jump at these DZ's. Does anyone know anything about hamilton NJ or the surrounding area? This is relatively a short notice move. I don't know that I know anyone out in Joisey, yet. DEFINITELY NOT loking forward to humidity, again. My photos My Videos
  5. My house was about 1-2 miles from being burned. Luckily, (for me; not so much anyone else) the winds shifted and took the fire back the way it came. I was on standby to evac. Still about 1/4 mile from evac zone. winds shifted again for a small time. But, I THINK my area is safe. I'm Moving To NJ in less than a month. I put off getting a property manager until I know that I have a house to rent. I'll sign the paper tomorrow. What a crazy time. Get this: SOME people who lost their homes are the same people who lost their homes in LAST YEARS fires. Two homes in two years? I would not have a sense of humor after that. I dont know how many but I asked my neighbor "Man, do you think any of those ppl are the same from last year?' He knows someone who is in that situation. My photos My Videos
  6. Its the protoype tool that performed the first circumcision. My photos My Videos
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    HAs it been pointed out that this article is over a decade old. My photos My Videos
  8. You cant be that "huge" of a Stern fan if you dont recall the interview where he "agreed" to run with Jesse. Jesse goes on talk about his latest publicity tour and they , as usual, get into politics. Jesse was dead serious about his bid (according to my ear) and Howard went on a fantasic explaination of what that would be like. I.E. humoring Jesse. Jesse must have thrown Sterns name because he know howard will talk about it once the news reaches him. Mac Hine Back on topic. Jesse is entertaining. Much like the crazy old hobo at the corner is. But, this lawsuit was filed well before Kyle was murdered. They spoke about it on Howards show. If he believes there is defamation why shouldn't he continue to address it? My photos My Videos
  9. Not sure which brand you bought but, make sure you're up-to-date with the service bulletins. My photos My Videos
  10. Same thing you'd expect at any other party: To be treated like an equal until some drunken asshole gets out of line. Then, you can either: 1- ignore it and find the jumpers that are NOT assholes. 2- Start a fight (which means you belong with the crowd youre standing with) 3- ignore it and find the jumpers that are NOt assholes. and take it up with the dipshit when you're both sober. But, Bring beer, a fun attitude and a light heart. You'll be fine. I think you'll find out pretty quickly that some people just like to hear themselves talk (Kinda like Im doing now) Some just want to be heard and others will keep you interested in the things they say because they're sincere about whatever they talk about. Its the same as any other party. we just start off talking about a different subject. My photos My Videos
  11. I'd have to change mine to ticklepiss. It would take a long time to achieve the end goal but, at least it'd be a nice send off. My photos My Videos
  12. This is an instance where base jumping would come before skydiving since, well, the squirrel is already BASE'ing. but, you, humans have to give it more of a challenge. start with a 400+ft bridge. then take it to a higher cliff. and a higher one etc...see it the splat effect is reached from a fjord. If not....SKYDIVE with it. LOL it would jsut be so hard to keep track of it, without a gps system on it. My photos My Videos
  13. ...Aaaand, I'm off to check it out. Thanks! My photos My Videos
  14. I agree with this... However, I find it odd that she says hers kids" can see her scars and the rest is all mommy." Um, I find her extremely attractive but, I find that showing her kids her tits a bit odd.... It's a bit odd that i want her to adopt me. My photos My Videos
  15. Are you having GoPro (black) issues? I spoke with a rep(Jeremy) today who told me the automatic update isn't loading correctly. You have to do it manually. This update (24april 2013) is supposed to address the problems with locking up, short cycle videos (mine would stop after 7 seconds) and some others issues. I literally just got off the phone with him and mine seems to be working. Here:s what you need to do. A MANUAL upload of the latest update. go to the GO PRO website for software updates and click through. When it tells you to plug your camera in:DON'T. Continue like you did with the previous update. Then drag the 4 files to your SD card. disconnect form the computer and power on. Your upload will cycle through a few times. When you're done you SHOULD have a GoPro that works as advertised. Trunk and others may have better intel on this subject but for the last 3 minutes my camera has been working. However, the real test will be in the sky... If you've had issues and this DOES or DOES NOT fix your problem PLEASE add your story. I've been going through this since I bought my camera in january. I bought this $500 marvel and took it on 3 jumps before it locked up on me. (locked up on the 4th jump) I took it 10 more times and got 6 videos to work. I contacted the company and they VERY PROMPTLY replied and swapped my old camera out. I received the replacement and messed with it for about 6 days before I installed the new update. Before I installed the update, It still randomly locked up and had Wi-Fi issues.(I reformatted my card a bunch of times etc) After the update, It locked up once and had wi-fi issues. I replied asking for a refund. I got a PHONE CALL (seriously; excellent customer service) about 3 minutes later. Jeremy, from Go Pro, explained the issue with the new update. He then, though unnecessary, walked me through the manual install of the NEW update. All SEEMS to be working. I HOPE THIS FIXES this issue and I hope this can alleviate your problem. I'll update when I can. ETA-Jeremy's name My photos My Videos
  16. Seems to me like you'd be safer jumping. She looks like a cannibal to me. Run for your...nose!! (adorable picture though.) My photos My Videos
  17. Oh yes. I found that out with my gopro 1. Date and time definitely make it easier. It sucks that if you have to reset it every time you have to take the battery out. (but, it sucks that I HAVE TO take the battery out so often to "unlock" the damn thing...Luckily Gopro is going to replace my HD3 Black.) Just got a new unit (they replaced it for free) Hopefully, I won't have any other issues. the first time I recorded it only recorded for 12 seconds. I reformatted. recorded again. the first video worked for 2 minutes the second stopped after 9 seconds. I RE-REFORMATTED and now it seems to work...until it doesn't. I assume it may the be card and less likely the battery. My photos My Videos
  18. Bravo to the family that did not join the lawsuit! Wonder which family and what their reasoning was. My photos My Videos
  19. Depends on the "level" of guest. Generally, If its a date I go through more tedious prep. If its a bunch of friends coming over for a bbq etc. I go for quantity. Menu changes with the date. Watch she may like doesn't mean every date will like that. so, I generally have a good idea and try to make so damn good food for each occasion. My photos My Videos
  20. Surveillance has been happening for decades. the Camera ARE already in place. Look at any red light/intersection/convenient store/bank etc... then look around at everyone else. theyre ALWAYS taking pictures. I swear, the gov't could trace my everystep to about 1/4 mile if they wanted to. Credit/debit card sales Facebook.youtube. DZ.com is even archived now. surveilliance IS here. If you saying that they will have someone monitor these camera every day/moment i dont think its a viable option but, its one way to create jobs. My photos My Videos
  21. Oh yes. I found that out with my gopro 1. Date and time definitely make it easier. It sucks that if you have to reset it every time you have to take the battery out. (but, it sucks that I HAVE TO take the battery out so often to "unlock" the damn thing...Luckily Gopro is going to replace my HD3 Black.) My photos My Videos
  22. For US nationals, this year (2012) I used three cameras. 2 CX's and one gopro2. The go pro footage was used for all 11 rounds except one. in 2009 Nationals, Go Pros were not allowed. due to (IIRC) time coding. I was surprised when I saw almost ALL Freefliers using GoPro. My photos My Videos
  23. Perris had the qatar military at the same time the US military (2 branches) were jumping. Perris would not serve pork products to accomodate the qatari military. I was pissed and sarcastic and vocal. It's the owners (who I admire) choice to make money...but, It was a lame decision. It'll be one that I talk about everytime I see this topic come up. My photos My Videos
  24. She's going to need a lot of chapstick. My photos My Videos
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    whore My photos My Videos