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  1. I'd prefer one that said "Fuck you , you stupid, non-skydiving asshole! I'm better than you because, you're not as cool as I am. I skydive! Loser! You don't even know what WhuFFo means, Douche." Think that'll fit on the shirt? My photos My Videos
  2. I drove to Ck this weekend. Jumped their otter. It was a decent place. I hope that its a cool dz and that I can find some family there. The ranch: Been trying to jump there for 16 yrs. I gave up. EVERY time I was in NY the weather sucked. (I grew up in NY and traveled back almost yearly) Maybe I'll get up there, but, If I am going to drive 2-3hours I'm going to visit my sick mother instead of jumping. My photos My Videos
  3. Mesquite is the only place you'll need to go, if you're looking for a family. Perris/snore/eloy are all obviously great dz's because they are huge operations. Mesquite will keep you coming back because of what it has to offer. My photos My Videos
  4. I'm starting to look into flights to get me back home! I intend to be there for the january boogies! My photos My Videos
  5. Rich, When I drove through in July, I absolutley loved the vibe of your dz. I live in Mt holly NJ right now. I may get back up there.next summer. I'd live to stop in again. My photos My Videos
  6. Thanks everyone. Melissa, I will eventually check out some other dz's but, I live 32 miles from CK. 90 miles from skys the limit. Both are relatively close so, I'll be checking them out. Thanks. My photos My Videos
  7. OK, so, I've been here for a few months and I am 32 miles from Cross keys. But every one I talk to (in real life; not websites) says X-keys has gone down hill. Something about FAA fines/maintenance. Anyone have any light they can shed. I am looking to go skydiving and find a home. My photos My Videos
  8. Its hard to beleive that a place that is 5200-14,000ft MSL is flooding. I figured gravity would take care of that. My photos My Videos
  9. I love you, Bryan. Not in a way that most states still consider illegal. But, in a way that a skydiver should when he knows that you go way above and beyond what most people do, in order to keep us safe from each other. Thanks for taking the time to spread the knowledge.
  10. I tried creating a video like that with some friends. I didn't have a hi-powered blower so I had to use water. I lost a lot of good people that day. My photos My Videos
  11. [URL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyGjNfexpoE]TRY THIS ONE[url] My photos My Videos
  12. WAIT. WAIT!! WAIT!!!!! You mean to tell me that Jeb uses a parachute? WHAT'S NEXT? Are you going to tell me that reporters don't investigate? I sure wish my mind was in my crotch because, it was just blown! My photos My Videos
  13. Ross perot's/Prince Charles' q-tip? My photos My Videos
  14. Good for you. Welcome to the sport. A lot of very pretty women have had to pick their way thru our macho laden DZ's. Wishing you all the best in your endeavors.
  15. jtval

    Moving to NJ

    The fun news is that I jumped Sussex. It was a great time. even though it was 160miles out of my way. I jumped Long Island yesterday, also. 10 states/8 days. 8 NEW states, 9 NEW dz. That was a fun way to get reacquainted with fun jumping. Lucky, I'll be down in cross keys soon. (3 weeks ish) My photos My Videos
  16. jtval

    Moving to NJ

    Skydive Jersey shore is the most unprofessional disorganized attitude having DropZone I've ever been to. I got a refund I'm not jumping this place. After coming so far and almost jumping at 10 states in eight days I'm giving up on New Jersey because of this place. Gabby, the Manifest girl, was delightful and informative. Currently, right now, they are having staff issues of some sort. Then I received major attitude from the person who is trying to manifest me when I asked him about it. Little did he know I was willing and looking to become a part of the solution. Little does he know that I was about to start bringing 5 to 10 jumpers out there right really per month. Shitty attitude just caused His boss all that business. My photos My Videos
  17. jtval

    Moving to NJ

    Having Fun? What do you mean? I plan on jumping deep creek tomorrow (Maryland) chambersburg on wednesday. jersey shore (thurs/fri if they are open) and SDLI on sat/ sun if weather allows I changed a few things up. I jumped Chambersburg and DC skydiving center today. Tomorrow is Eastern shore skydiving Friday will be Jersey Shore (anyone going?) Saturday will be Long Island 10 states 8 days. My photos My Videos
  18. jtval

    Moving to NJ

    Having Fun? What do you mean? I plan on jumping deep creek tomorrow (Maryland) chambersburg on wednesday. jersey shore (thurs/fri if they are open) and SDLI on sat/ sun if weather allows That would be 8 states in 8 days. 6 that I have not jumped in, previously. I wish I was able to hit illinois but, had to keep on driving. (I thought I jumpedin Co this month but my last jump was 29 june, or it would have been 9 states) My photos My Videos
  19. jtval

    Moving to NJ

    Ok, I've been able to jump in 4 states in 2 days...so far. SD Kansas (kansas) Very cool place. Thanks Jenn and Jeremy for getting me on the 1st load. I forgot some names (and my log book is packed up) but I did a 2-way with a newly recurrent jumper. SD KC (actually in missouri) Another cool place. Thanks for Dani at manifest and Steve H for getting me on the next load. Thanks to Dave for the sit fly. Explore(jerry's circus) (indiana) VERY LAID BACK and friendly DZ. (BTW- he's not opposed to dogs you just have to talk to him first. if they're mongrels he'll remove them.) Thanks Dick (DZO), Gary(pilot) and Joe (2-way) for the Skydive. Start (ohio) Made my first resting point. Thanks phreezone and (my cousin)Kristi for everything. did two very fun jumps. Im HOPING to jump in Maryland and Pennsylvania (before thursday) SD Deep creek chambersburg Then, I hope to get a ride in either Xkeys or Jersey shore on thursday. I drove about 1600Miles so far... I DID STOP by SKYDIVE GREATER in Kankakee, ill. and had a beer with them. Thanks Larry and Brad from SD Greater. And Jeff, Nate, Jody from Illinois skydiving center. I was completely bummed that I had to drive on. I really wanted to get in the air. My photos My Videos
  20. I agree. It's a shame for Chris that he had to win like that but, He still won. Hopefully, the rematch will give chris the opportunity to defend the belt that way one should...Or wake anderson up...Again. My photos My Videos
  21. I'm still freinds with most of my Ex's. It's usually not a bad thing that we split up but its a location thing. Military life is a bitch. There's one that I feel that way about but, sometimes you gotta deal with the things that just can't be. It sucks sometimes. My photos My Videos
  22. Agreed. I couldn't imagine getting an ARM. EVEN as a military guy who'd be moving in a few years. An ARM is, IMO, a risky deal. It was designed for peoiple would could not afford a mortgage when the housing bubble was "filling up." During that phase you were SURELY going to make money/equity. Then in, 3,5,7 years you could get a fixed laon easier becasue you'd (if you were smart) ask for less than full value of the house. The bank would be more willing to finance a risky client becasue the house is worth much more than the investment. Now-a-days an ARM is a bad idea. (IMO) I got a 30-year and I make one extra payment/year. I divide that payment up over the entire year and make a "PRINCIPLE" Payment. It is the SAME deal that they wanted to add a fee for. Here's their scam. I refi-d for a lower % on a 30 yr. they called up a fwe weeks later and offered a way to pay it off in 15 yrs. "by taking b1-weekly payments you'll actually pay the same amount but you'll pay off the loan in half the time." That's a lie. AND they wanted to charge a fee each month for the convenience. When you pay bi-weekly, you make 26 payments. when you pay once/month you make 12 payments. I just added slightly more than 1/12th payment and apply it to principle only. My photos My Videos
  23. So, I only saw some still pictures. I'll watch tonight. Discuss SPOILERS I typed in white so you don't easily see it I lost track of UFC in the last few months after all my MMA friends moved away. I was tired of spending $100+ each month just to keep up. I am not really sure who chris wiedman is. I saw him fight once before. But it looks like a decisive win. well, as decisive as a KO can be. My photos My Videos
  24. Talk to USAA they have a list of RE agents. they'll give you the best rates/fees My photos My Videos
  25. jtval

    Moving to NJ

    Cool! Thanks My photos My Videos