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Dropzone Reviews posted by jtval

  1. Update #4 (30 Sep 10)
    So, if you've been reading my reviews you'll know that I moved to Colorado to join the AF Parachute team. This year alone I jumped in more places than many people will see in their entire lifetime. 12 states/18dz's 2 countries and its only september)
    I recently had a few days off from work and drove 13 hours just to jump in Mesquite. I did mostly coaching with some newer jumpers (no charge) and helped upgrade a Tandem candidate by playing student. I had the time of my life just hanging out there. The thing is, I didn't tell anyone I was coming because I wasn't sure I would be able to. Sure, I caught up with some old friends but I met LOTS of new jumpers and they were just as cool as the old ones.
    That speaks volumes of the way Brad runs the place. He brings out the best in people, even the students take on that attitude. I get to jump out of some pretty cool aircraft with my current job but I honestly had a great time working with the jumpers from the C-182.
    On Oct 23 The caravan arrives. I am going to be at mesquite as often as I can this winter. I hope you finally read this and check the place out for yourself. I'd bet that your review would be pretty similar to mine.

    Update #3 (20 Feb 08)
    Well, I am moving to Colorado and I jumped my last(1120th) jump in Mesquite as a Las Vegas resident.
    To the previous reviewer. Brad took your advice and finally stopped giving written invitations to load the plane.
    Last weekend was the first time he tried it out and it worked nicely. So next time you go to a busy weekend you can manifest and you'll get a call just like the rest of the DZ's.
    Brad is the type of guy who will wait for people to finish packing before sending the load. I think he realized that that way worked when the DZ was smaller but it has grown to the point that it needs to move along.
    Anyway, I'll miss the DZ and the family I am leaving behind. I'll see you all in a few months. Its time to find another Videot. Hopefully, there'll be some reliable ones.

    Update #2 (7 march 07)
    Well, since my last update I started working at the DZ. (Filming Tandems)What an incredible opportunity. The great thing is that Brad doesn't overwhlem me with work. If I want to work I can. I will never let someone who wants a vid of their 1st jump get turned away, but when there are other cam flyers we all take turns helping out. And that is great. The DZ is continiung to build and hopefully , Brad will be able to support a full time caravan.
    At the moment, he has the caravan from October thru the end of April and hosts 6 boogies during that time, with large contingencies of skydivers coming in for each one, along with some extra aircraft.
    The weather USUALLY cooperates but on a rare occasion a storm/cold weather helps us maintain our drinking club status.
    Oh yea, and if you're in Nevada there STILL is no other place to jump anyway. At least the only Fun Jumping DZ is a great one. Come out to Mesquite and join the family. You won't be disappionted.

    SD mesquite has since become my HOME DZ. When I originally wrote this review they were only in their 2nd season. SD mesquite has grown considerably and has become my #1 DZ by CHOICE. Brad is one helluva Guy all around and that stands out as a DZO as well.
    The boogies have gotten bigger and more people have come by from further reaches of the U.S. and abroad. when you are in the Area this is a MUST for skydivers who like to jump at new,friendly places. you will enjoy it. I hope to see you there.

    (original review)
    I went to SD mesquite last year twice. I had a GREAT TIME. fun jumps from an otter for a cheap price.
    This year I went back in and was very surprised when Sher remembered me.
    That says something about the type of people who run the place!
    They have a 182 for now but they charge by the foot. AWESOME PRICES, beautiful scenery, fun boogies, landing on airport as of this new season.
    It's an all around GREAT DZ. My only hope is that they will open full time

  2. I have traveled to a lot of DZ's. some small, some world class! my stay at perris was out of this world, or should I say Off of this planet!

    it was a 3 day trip to the "Jack, off to perris" boogie. I walked in feeling like I was home. DROPZONE.com has really helped me out with that feeling,too!
    but there was NO wait for jumps; if I wanted to jump there was always a ten minute call. AWESOME!
    the I.H.O.P. was cheap enough to keep my skydiving money where it belonged...at manifest!
    the landing area was smooth and has many outs if needed. although this wasnt the largest boogie I've been to, it was the most co-ordinated and smooth operating boogie I have been to!
    I will, without a doubt, be spending more time at Perris!

  3. Its been over a year since I jumped in Thomaston. I was shipped overseas for some time and I came back to the U.S. and landed in Las Vegas. I have made about 100 jumps since I left them in Aug 2001, but I still consider SKYDIVE ATLANTA my home DZ.(other then DZ.COM)I have oinly made 36 jumps with them but I met some of the coolest people there that I still talk to today.
    The atmosphere was always light and fun, yet safety was a key issue.
    Its been a year so I dont know how they've improved the place, but I know they were making some big changes!
    my 1st jump in Thomaston was Trey and TIm's 1st weekend as owner's. in the time I jumped there they made terrific changes, and I know they had big plans!
    I will be back there to visit...REGULARLY! I cant wait to see everyone again!

  4. I went to the christmas boogie at Eloy. I only had 2,5 days to jump and meet some of the coolest people on(and off of) this planet! there was some confusion at manifest during the two days but I got do get on some awesome jumps and jumpcraft.
    the grounds were awesome the Bathrooms/showers were clean and the bent prop was WAY too cool!
    If I have half a chance(and I will) I will go back to Eloy for some more great times! I would suggest you take the opportunity to "Skydive Arizona!"

  5. Lotsa Huge jumpships, Instruction of most any sort can be found there, year round DZ. Great people from all over this planet jump there. amenities are out of this world. huge landing area and grounds! you can find any discipline here.

    the only thing that I suggest is that you jump here sometime...and be aware it is a HUGE dz. if you are from a cessna dz there are some safety issues you will need to be aware of due to LARGE number of jumpers and busy days!

  6. BEER!!I'm the first to write a review?
    Ok when I go to a new dz I rate them on a few things.

    first and foremost are the people--- from the moment I got in the shuttle at the train station. I felt like I was at home...only my family had strange accents! Picton was without a doubt the friendliest DZ(pronounced DEEZEE!!lol) I have been too.

    then I look at the grounds and safety awareness---the place was huge! ROB S&TA(in U.S. Safety & Training Advisor) was EXTREMELY helpful and friendly

    the jump ship is something I look at after the others b/c If the people arent friendly or safety conscious I dont NEED to look at the jumpship b/c I wont jump there. The otter ran fine.

    manifest(marina) was great, Elise Vale is an Awesome photo/videographer SHE EVEN GOT MY PICTURE IN THE ASM!
    the after party! Of course, I bought BEER! you didnt expect me to try to cheese out on my aussie friends did you?
    Paul,Jasmin, Ed, all the students and staff were just great! Thank You for the AWESOME Opportunity! I will be back someday!

  7. I was born and raised on Long Island.In 1997 I moved south; before my first jump. I didnt get to jump L.I. until just recently.(aug 02) I have been to many other dz's and always wanted to jump my HOME since I was a kid.
    I went to the New dropzone and felt lost on all thier land! It was huge. The local jumpers were among to best/ friendliest I have ever had the pleasure to jump with.
    If you have the opportunity to SKYDIVE LONG ISLAND, I suggest you take it. the sight above the bay is Beautiful!