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  1. I'm a 100 jump wonder so talk to someone higher on the food chain before you go by me... I am your size almost exactly. I jump a Spectre and love it. Great openings for the faster faller. I have jumped a Sabre2 and liked it as well. I still prefer my Spectre for now. I load a little heavy (1.26) but its still pretty docile. It can scare you if you push it also. I jumped a bunch of stuff before I bought my current rig. I bought a custom container to fit me and a used main / new reserve. Just my 0.02 edit cause I cant type Oz
  2. I never gave it much thought until the other day. I was getting "jiggy" with my girl "downstairs" and the cat was jumping up and swating my feet. That was annoying. Cant the little bastard see I'm busy! Oz
  3. Thats how I have to fit my Spectre 210 in my I6 Its tight as all hell. Oz
  4. Sebastian and SpaceCenter for sure. I live in Florida and can say they have the very best view for sure. There is nothing like going cross-country over the inlet and back to the DZ!! Oz
  5. Wow! You even make my girlfriends driving record look good! I have to say, that was a dandy! Oz
  6. It looks like you have too much time on your hands! Oz
  7. I figured that it would be bigger I was curious how much. Like I said, their site said it will take a 210 pilot but its a pretty tight fit as it is. I am going to get a demo and see if I can cram it in. Oz
  8. Hello, I have an Icon I6 container with a Spectre210 in it. I am thinking of getting either a Sabre2, Pilot, or Safire2 and want to know how they compare in pack volume. The I6 will hold up to a 210 pilot, but what about the other canopies? The Spectre I have is a tight fit as it is. I would think a 9 cell would pack even bigger than my 7 cell so.... How do they compare in pack volume? can I expect a big difference from the Spectre, or will they be pretty close? I have emailed the mfgr. but wanted to know your opinions also. Thanks Oz
  9. To me, that just said, I would like all experiance levels of advice, and will talk to my instructor about it all before I attempt something. I dont think that qualifies as me giving him advice that is going to kill him or that he is even relying on in the slightest bit. You have taken it apon yourself to turn his question into what it is not. I do not see this as "I dont know how to do this so if someone can tell me, I am going to run out and try it out real fast". It seems you have plenty of time to critisize my actions and tell me how what I said was wrong, but no time to add something constructive yourself. thats the idea right? To give verying opinions from varying degrees of experiance in an open forum? This is not a lurk unless you have 1,000 jumps or a rating forum. I made it very clear I was a low-timer and to talk to his instructor. Also that I wouldnt want him to consider it at or below 2K. Do I think I made a huge error by giving my experiance on a front riser turn? No. Instead of spending your time whining about how the horrible low timer opened his mouth, why dont you add to the thread and give something constructive. In no way was this a "please tell me exactly what I need to do" thread. This was a guy looking for a few opinions that he would put together and talk to his instructor about. Take a f-ing midol for gods sake. Oz
  10. >Looking for some advice on what to expect when I do this. I've talked with my previous instructor but >always appreciate the varying opinions and experience Yes I did give my "experiance" to this jumper. Granted I do not have a lot, but I made that very clear and to ask an instructor. Post edited for attack. Don't call people names. Oz
  11. You have a point there. That is actually what I mean. I am just used to the way I say it. This is why I am no instructor! Oz
  12. Looks like I need to borrow your sig line today then! (duuuuu which way did he go george?) Oz
  13. Doah! I didnt read obviously... back to the drawing board! Oz