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  1. Come fly with us during our 3rd annual Valentine's Day Boogie at Skydive Panama City! Located in the Florida panhandle. Caravan, LOs, camping, food & FUN! Friday February 13 - Sunday February 15, 2015. Call us for more info at 850-674-JUMP or visit
  2. Not all dropzones are created equal! We are the closest DZ to Panama City, Florida and the only full-service DZ in the panhandle of Florida. Husband and wife jumping DZO's who bring large DZ experience and family vibes to the panhandle of Florida. We've had some great success in our first 9 years of operation and fly a year round super fast King Air. We have had to re-locate since Hurricane Michael. So if you have visited us in the past, please note the new location! We have carpeted packing (hangar), showers, air-conditioned sleeping area, Burble, RVs welcome (no hookups). We have freefly and wingsuit coaching available. We look forward to jumping with you in the future!
  3. Bob...what a guy. Those of you who were taught by him know what a "unique" style he had. He could be harsh (all those years in the military!) but it was for our own safety. He was an A++ instructor. We have lots of good memories of Bob when he was helping run Crestview Skydiving Center in Florida and my husband did some base jumping with him as well. Our prayers go out to his daughter, Shaira, and rest of his family and friends. I have attached two photos that I found in my collection. He was an awesome skydive mentor to both me and my husband. We love you Bob! Jen & Tony
  4. I lived there for 2 years from '94-'96. There is some cool stuff to see like the Blue Lagoon, Gulfoss waterfalls, and you can do some glacier 4-wheeling too. Reykjavik is a pretty cool city to visit too. Summer is light about 22 hours of the day. Don't expect to see a lot of trees. Some nights you can really get an awesome view of the northern lights too. It is usually pretty windy there too, but the temps aren't all that bad. There are lots of pretty girls there too...all blond hair and blue eyed. Have fun!
  5. I was stationed there for 15 months awhile back. They used to have some really cool beach bars but I've heard those were tore down and condos put up. It is a big Japanese tourist spot. Awesome snorkeling and diving though! They have some pretty cool reefs in the area.
  6. married sept 1993 and now am 5 months pregnant with first little one (it's a boy!) Jen