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  1. There was magic there No way to describe the feelings. But you could see it in the sunsets.
  2. Jeez, I know times are tough, but that ad was popping up on the Blue Sky forum, that's beyond pathetic.
  3. There is a group from the former dz that has started an operation in Wasilla very near the old Alaska Skydiving dz. I'm not sure how to get in touch with them though.
  4. They were the ones that came after Jerry Bird, Craig Buxton and Mark Hewitt.
  5. Johnny was one of the true otters of the universe. He could have fun anywhere with anyone doing anything, and he inspired many others to do the same. With death the when is always too soon, but the image of him having a great jump with friends and then literally tracking off into the sunset is classic Johnny. Maybe that was his way of leaving a smile to help those closest to him through their grief.
  6. Nice going kids, a first class effort.
  7. I hit a large bug in freefall at about 8000 feet directly on my left eye. If I hadn't been wearing goggles I would have definitely lost the eye. The impact snapped my head back enough to be visible in the video. I always figured the bug was pretty pissed off about it too.
  8. It's hard to believe that this dickhead is apologizing for any reason other than the fact that he thought he could trash Mike Mullins behind his back and not get caught, Anyone who knows Mullins knows that Farley's statements are about as far from the truth as one can get. I have watched Mullins do the right thing for skydivers, usually at his own expense, more times than I can count in the fifteen years that I've known him.. I've seen more than a few Farleys in thirty years in this sport, they are generally a pain in the ass on the ground and dangerous in the air. Although everyone holds out hope that they will get their head out of their ass, it's usually like trying to teach a pig to sing. Wastes your time and annoys the pig.