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  1. ok, bike is fairly new so all you need to do is, change the sparks, change the oil and filter, check the tension on the chain, an air filter, and thats pretty much it. $230 is not a lot of money for a bike service but.....then again its a lot of money for sparks, oil and filter, and an air filter. so if you think you are over your head just make sure you are getting more than that for 250. i do all the work on my bike, and yeah i built it. Thanasi
  2. i took those fkers out two yrs ago. worst pain ever. but the relief of never having to deal with them, priceless!! Thanasi
  3. hi, i am getting a used ws. heres my problem. the suit fits fine except that the thigh region is really tight. is there anyway to modify it? is it worth it? it only needs and inch or 2 on each thigh. Will i be messing up the suit? thanks T Thanasi
  4. garef001

    mr bill

    here is what happenned to us once. luckly the canopy just pushed him out of the way. Thanasi
  5. has anyone bought one of the films? it looks like the site isn't working. if someone knows where to order from, pls let me know. Thanasi
  6. five screws and a plate in my ankle. was walking without crutches or a cast 3 weeks later. haven't had a problem with it and this happenned in 97. and yeah i was really active on it, wasn't jumping(didn't jump back then) but doing other stuff that put stress on it. if you feel comfortable on it go for it. Thanasi
  7. just make sure that it is attached securly to you or inside you jumpsuit. you don't want it flying off at 10k. been there done that. Thanasi
  8. first of all i am sure people will tell you that this is not an incident and should probably moved to general skydiving questions. Having said that, what could be causing your line twist is you body postion. if when you pull one of your shoulders is lower than the other you will have line twist. Thanasi
  9. well i'll say one thing, from the way that people have reacted here, say it nicely. other than that just make sure they understand the added risk and help them out with their setups. if someone has already added a camera and feels that they are ready for it, you can not convince them that they are wrong. what i think is help them so that they will at least be safer. Thanasi
  10. took them out last summer at 25. probably the worst pain ever. i could eat drink or even breath. haha i soooooo glad they are done and i never have to go through that again!!! oh i lost about 5.5kg in 6 days because i couldn't eat Thanasi
  11. i had all four removed, 3 were impacted. i was not put under ga and it was a pain in the ass. and it kept hurting for a couple days later. i don't remeber who said they wanted their tonsils removed, but after how many years of having problems with them i had them removed last summer, that is one of the worst experiences of my life. maybe i was too old (25) but it hurt. i couldn't eat for 6 days. i lost 5.5 kilos in those days. Thanasi
  12. how about getting a heli for the boogie. there was supposed to be one for the last boogie at perris but it didn't make it. anyone else want one there? how hard would it be to get one? Thanasi
  13. hi guys, i am having the same problem. i have a 1ghz with 512ram running win98. so i tried that program enditall and after that now premier won't even open. i used to be able to download the video from my camera no problem but lately i am having a lot of issues. anyone want to help me out? Thanasi
  14. i haven't packed in 100 jumps. i was thinking about that the other day. I need to start packing for myself. Thanasi
  15. in the liitle time i was around talk back i grew really fond of it. i would greatly appriciate its return, as i am sure others would too. So people how about we plead with the HH and promise not to abuse, and maybe he can be merciful and gives us back our great forum. ps PLEASE Thanasi