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  1. Skysquatch


    unfortunately, we live in a classifying society everything must fit into a catagory by some certain standard. i believe that they (i don't know who they are) have redefined the politically correct way of classifying people recently. Asian Indian American Indian these and other terms are found in some census forms and school applications (to see if you qualify for certain minority grants) there is no sense in losing your temper over a few words. it is easier and nicer to just inform people, and move on knowing that they hopefully will not make the same mistake. not many people spend their time staying up on current classifications. Balls deep! FENCE!!!! Calmer than you are.
  2. what was meant by. . . "the parachute did not unfold properly?" he had no chute, partial inflation, or what? he sounds like a skilled faller i estimate about 450' without dying impressive skill by aiming for the tree. Balls deep! FENCE!!!! Calmer than you are.
  3. see?! Balls deep! FENCE!!!! Calmer than you are.
  4. hey i jump with a guy who i shall not mention, but he and many others have made a sub 180' freefall many times. more recently he has mentioned doing gainers n' such from this object and he's serious. although i have my restrictions, and the site is practically in my back yard (inside 10 miles around here), to see him actually do it would be real cool. i don't want to see him hurt, but if he got hurt that way, it would still be cool. we all know we have risks, and we all know accidents happen. so what, if someone wants to increase the factors a bit. this is BASE so go for it. Balls deep! FENCE!!!! Calmer than you are.
  5. no prob bob we here, love to have jumpers come in and visit. this site has always provided everyone with enough info to get hold of one of us. BASE725 and i would love to anyone and everyone call us up and come on out. i do recall certain people causing problems, but that person is a bit rambunctious. they automatically thought that since thay were a jumper that they could just jump what ever. we have since talked to several people about that. just as long as they know that there is a time and a place, and always contact someone nearby since they know us. back to cops though. not including downtown and NPS, all of the interactions reported to me have been the basic run offs. cops don't even know what to do with a jumper especially if they just saw the jump. hell, we had some friends jump an 1100' tower and the cops pulled them over and the mayor asked them to come back and jump for the local festival. sure, i'm talking about being out in the middle of nowhere, but we are discussing the what-nots of bringing noobs or any visitor to an object. so, why not choose objects like that tower. we don't have to take people we don't know or trust anywhere that you might hold sacred. just be friendly and share. i believe i mentioned that before. SHARE!!!!! if we don't learn to share then noobs and "don't give a shitters" will just go out and do what they want and ruin it for everyone. if you teach them the right way then we can preserve the well being of our sport. maybe this is something that should be included in a FJC. when we do FJCs around here that is the first thing the noob learns. paranoia or awareness. know the object and it's surroundings like you know your rig. if you don't know either one very well, then you have no business trying. yes, for the vets scoping and jumping are not always that in depth, but why not teach it in order to teach. . . here's the big word of the day. . .RESPECT!!!! this is something noobs and occasionally visitors take for granted. what happened to the "when in rome. . ." philosophy? Balls deep! FENCE!!!! Calmer than you are.
  6. cops? where? let's be serious. unless you are jumping in the middle of town there should be low bust factors. i'm not sure how it is everywhere else, but when i've visited other sites (excluding high pop. densities) it's always chill. why are there so many concernes about sharing sites. i know we don't want some noob getting hurt, but why would we even be talking to people about sites that are burnable and bustable. you can only share what is sharable. and, the police or feds or whatever have way more important things to do than to hack into some non-threatening BASE site. nor would they ever go out of there way just to reallocate forces to stop BASE jumping. talk about delusions of grandure, we're cool, not national threats. not anywhere i've ever been anyway. so. . . let's all learn to share a little, we all suffer the same site issuses (some hotter than others, yes), but most importantly we are all (or most of us) BASE jumpers who just want to jump, and occasionally with some variety of other sites. SO PLAY NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Balls deep! FENCE!!!! Calmer than you are.
  7. i accept all moms, sisters, aunts, grandmas, daughters. . we ain't got no girls here in wymoming lots of live stock though, YEE HAW!!! Balls deep! FENCE!!!! Calmer than you are.
  8. here is a "rendition" of what we use around here i have done both and they work just fine also, i do not recommend using anything other than breakcord. . .we used plastic tie wraps a couple of times and in the winter they froze and broke early the tubing is nylon climbing tubing as for knots. . .use a knot that does not slide and obviosly does not come undone as long as the cord holds itself it will break with its preset pressure in this case no one knot will do better than the other just as long as the cord is tied securely to itself and, to prevent pilot snags. . . just hold em' in your hand until you clear the object and allow the cord to do the rest. this is something i deal with constantly on our 170' bridge. and it all seems to work Balls deep! FENCE!!!! Calmer than you are.
  9. no really tornolf is one of the redheaded bastards that needs to be kept seperate Balls deep! FENCE!!!! Calmer than you are.
  10. yeah, i'm from wymoming i got some towers n cliffs but you have to bring your mom Balls deep! FENCE!!!! Calmer than you are.
  11. what happened? i was just referencing what someone said earlier about "dying and not messing up." let's keep it clean here, back to your corners. lol i didn't wan't this to turn into a death chat. we should really just drop the subject. i mean, no one involved in BASE will actually ever die. we just move on to a higher BASE deminsion. where towers are 10,000 feet tall and cliffs. . . well, let's just say, it's not being dead when it's that fun. Balls deep! FENCE!!!! Calmer than you are.
  12. oh yeah, if you hadn't found them already there are some cool vids of the new BASE game on youtube under "base jumping game" Balls deep! FENCE!!!! Calmer than you are.
  13. new one? when? for PS2s and PS3s? Balls deep! FENCE!!!! Calmer than you are.
  14. here's a trick from GTA san andreas get in a jumbo jet and max your altitude, then fly over the city that resembles san fran. there is a building with a hole in it. jump from the jumbo into the hole and deploy before death, and DO NOT hit the sides. you can track to the hole, but the sides are deadly. if you have not located the jumbo then try the private jet, it seems like the same altitude. also, same deal, but try and track through the wires of golden gate bridge from one side of the bridge to the other, only made it once, but forgot to pull before water oops. Balls deep! FENCE!!!! Calmer than you are.
  15. you know, i think all that suffer the wrath of failure or that of gravity in this sport should get a whole [email protected]%n web page to themselves. that way they serve as memorials, web gravestones. people could pay their respects or disrespects accordingly on a post on the site. it would be easy to link them all, and they could serve even more so as examples of how life really is (which includes learning from their mistakes) OPINION: i do not believe that there is anyway that someone would die juming in this sport without it being their fault. there is the multi-way problem, but the jumper took that risk, that's all of this sport "the jumper takes the risk." a calcualted one but still. . . Balls deep! FENCE!!!! Calmer than you are.