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  1. Recently I had one put in just under where my left three ring attachment is and I'm very concerned if a hard opening will cause me a real problem. Are there any Jumpers who have one of these. Please let me know of your experience
  2. Hi Steve I want to thank you for remembering me. It means a lot to know that there are people from my past that still remember. For the life of me I can't remember who you are. That's not to surprising considering what I was doing then after jumping and sometimes while we were jumping. Blue Skies ST-51 Mike
  3. Hi Randy I remember you well along with your parrot and bus. I was a real asshole then and I've tried to clean up my act. I'm still married to Maureen and we live in Woodland Hills CA. I started jumping again in Oct 03'. I managed to get in about 125 jumps before ai started to have medical problems. after a year or two I was ready to gor for it agin. then I lost my machinist job for various reasons and the economy took a dive. I'm still looking for a job and hope to get back in to jumping as soon as I can. I think that we could of made that team"4- Sure" if my shit were together more. Blue skies Bro. ST-51 ( Silly Tit ) Mike
  4. I stand corrected You must exit an aircraft with out any attachment to it. You then are free and in charge of your own fate.
  5. If you dive out of an aircraft while it is flying and land on the ground under a parachute. Then you dove into the sky with nothing but what you brought along with you to keep you from dying. That is a skydiver. It doesn't mean that your safe or very good at it just that you did this for the fun of it or for what ever reason you chose. It doesn't even mean that you have to do it again.
  6. there is no such thing. there is just someone who knows more than you but you have to know the how to tell if what they are telling you is true or a pile of manure. and if you can do that then you are. you can be reasonabley sure that if they don't advertise that they are and they have a lifetime of experience that just shines through everything they do then they more than likely are as much an expert as anyone could be. I think the bottom line is experience and the ability to learn from it and pass it on. This goes for all disciplines of the sport
  7. I jumped with Mike Owens and Bozo on the same dive ! I put my knee in Bozo's face and cut him off on approche and used my brakes to bleed altitude before landing. He let me know what he thought of that. I haven't done it since.
  8. It's called "jumping" you go from point A to point B as quick as possible. It's not meant to be fun.there are a lot of things that can go wrong and if you are able to continue on with out any hardship from it , it was successful.It's not skydiving which is for fun. It was jump school that gave me the attitude of "If you could walk back after your landing it was GOOD". I and the people I learned the sport with thought the same way. we really didn't care to much what it looked like. it was all good
  9. Nick This is very reveling. A confirmation to a lot of wonderment. I'm not sure that I believe it all. Yes I think that there are such things as child prodigies but how it remained so secret all these years is testament to the belief that national secrecy is a very real concern today as it was in those early years. Shame on you. As an Air Trash member I guess that your entitled to mess up big time at least .....Well your entitled to do so. I think that you should go to the Old fart meet at Taft on the 23rd of May to and face your retribution from all those that really know. ST-51 Mike
  10. It seams that I should say more to Toms comment "2 shots" yes 'Low budget' sums it up but there were so many who came before me and my time that gave 'Low budget a whole new meaning. You bought your jumpsuit at Sears & Robucks A B-4 harness was the state of the art. it came with 2-shots anything else was going Hi-Tech. At least that's the way I understand it. Also I was jumping a T-10 for the first 35 then I bought a Carousell PC (short lined) used that rig until I bought a used Wonderhog . I finally bought a new Cruiseair 200. and my rig was complete.
  11. I forgot his last name but his first was Al I'm on the left Kieth is in the center and Al is on the right. We made quite a few together. He was a friend of Keith
  12. I would like to know what has become of Kieth Damm. Keith and I started the same time at Boarderland. We teamed up together and learned how to sky dive. He was fearless. My favorite story about him is when we were discussing what we would do with a pilot chute in tow. I had said that I would first see if I could reach around and grab the bridle and pull it to open the container if that was not working I would then cut away then deploy my reserve. Keith......' fire away' reason 'you pay your money you take your chances'. I thought to myself "Is he serious". Well not to long after that we were doing a two way and closing through 3 grand. I was going to watch him deploy. He had a pilot chute in tow. Keith looked at it then looked at me grinned and fired his reserve. I watched it snake up and around his main in the turbulence then on out to deploy his reserve. He knew he had time to try something to get it to clear but he did what the said he would do. when I asked him why he did that. he said " You pay tour money you take your chances"
  13. The person that Gene03 was talking to corrected me. It was 'Boarderland' air sports center. It was owned and ran by Mac and Nina McDonald. And it was March 25 1978 when I made my first Jump. Anybody that has jumped there will remember Mac. He had a barogue Irish accent that was just honey to the ears.
  14. Yes that was me. That name was given to me by PH(piss head) McKenna and his brother Spyder. I went with it because....Well you just don't have much to say about things like that. There was some truth to it. Back in 78' I didn't have a lot going for myself so when I by chance rounded a corner while driving my scooter in the back roads of San Diego and saw open canopys over San Diego Air Sport Center at about 1000 ft. I knew right there that I have found a missing part of my life that I had all but ignored and I fell in love with it. I't was all good. I just wanted to jump out of air planes with a parachute. I was meeting people that were well connected with the sport and I just was happy as hell to jump with them. I just had that overwhelmed air about me. And that is why I believe they gave me that name. Later when most would't jump with me and because of it I started to see that it'd had been a big joke on me. The partying had taken a toll and in July of 81' I married a woman that truly had my best interest in mind. I stopped jumping with the intent of cleaning up my act. I didn't sell my gear because I always wanted to jump again "Someday" It was the death of Perry Armstrong that jolted me back to skydiving Roger Worthington and John Bull help me get back in. John Bull got me into Air Trash. Being a member of Air Trash has been one of the most rewarding experiences so far. I've met some of the best people I could possibly want to know. One a month there is a place I can go and do my thing - jump out of airplanes. I now do not want to be called that because it brings up the bad feelings that I ended up having because of it. True a name does not make or break a person but I would really like it to stay in the past. Blue Sky ST-51 Mike