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  1. Hey All, been off from jumping for a year + after being preggers and all that stuff! I'm ready to get back! BUT need a new container and new cypress. I have a cypress 170 which is still in great condition. Anyone out there selling container to fit Spectre 170 and a new cypress or used cypress...OR is there something else better out there nowadays?!?! Any input would be fab! Cheers!
  2. Personal driver eh? Hmmmm, now THAT'S tempting!!!!
  3. I need to buy a car...and am debating a NEW or USED car?!? What is best? Seems you loose so much $$$ from driving a new car off the lot? BUT, it's a NEW CAR!!!!!!!!! Wadda ya think? Nissan Murano or 2008 Ford Escape? (my dad worked at Ford for 41 yrs so...?)
  4. I met Cliff after he moved out to CA at Hollister, when he moved off to law school in Davis The Doctor threw this video together. In Cliff style he complained it did not have enough of "him" in it. The last conversation I had with him was at thanksgiving, he was telling me about this watches (chronographs no less). If anyone can host a 65MB file I have a higher res version of this. Just read the news of Cliff...Very sad! Simon thanks for posting the video. I also met Cliff in Hollister and was always afraid to debate w/him b/c he intimidated me so much! Law school was very fitting for him--His family is in my thoughts and prayers today. I attached an old photo from 2004, our "Hollister Hybrid"
  5. I still just love that damn song ... "Bad Day" I always seem to sing along and smile goofy w/my BF
  6. Yeah, I was wondering where the hell he was on the DZ. I hadn't seen him the last two Saturdays I was there and it might be toward the end of September before I'm back. I'm so there. The List: Amazon (she can remove herself if she doesn't WANT to come) Elisha mnkycndo vdschoor Amazon brianfry713 ebusto Elisha Feeblemind Fri. to Late Sat. Afternoon (Prior engagement that evening) fit4flying flygirl1 jacketsdb23 kelpdiver (next to the beer station) lovelife22 McBeth monkycndo NunTiuX sebazz1 (don't put me to work! ) Shawndiver---> (peering out nervously from Lodi ivory tower) Smilie... will be a pack bitch on Friday at least, maybe Saturday too! vdschoor Lovelife22
  7. Speaking of "rackolicious" DO you become a member of this "boobie club" you speak of? Your boobs smelled so nice!!!! (heheheh!!) Or perhaps it was all those jello shots I had?
  8. Thanks Lisa! You did an awesome job...what an amazing place for a boogie!! I had a great time! :)
  9. I second that, Cesna's suck, it was a horrible time! You can see from these other pics, the scenary was horrifying!
  10. Just updated my name Lovelife22 not 11 Chaoskitty Clownburner CSpenceFLY and as many RoamingDZers as I can find! Cornholio! Feeblemind Fungh Gia Lovelife22 Lauralicious (definate maybe?) McBeth monkycndo NWFlyer Seabazz1 skybytch Uponone BTW, where do we register?? Can't Wait!!
  11. Great! I will start with this first! THANKS!!!!