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  1. Kurt, Sorry to hear that My condolences to his friends and family. Alan
  2. JohnDoe

    #110 (((

    Our hearts and prayers go out to family and friends. Katya and Alan
  3. Hear! Hear! I second that Avery! Jimmy for Prez! Alan
  4. Faber, It was real good to hear your voice and to just let you and your friends we are here for ya, thankyou for sharing your stories about Sean and reminding me how fragile we all are. I will talk to you tomorrow. In our prayers..... Alan
  5. Deleted out of respect..I apologize as I did not get the context of the thread. Rest in Peace In our prayers........
  6. The record is now a 21 way.....[url]
  7. I remember watching Jimmy Tyler without a rig chasing a reserve strapped to a baker's bowl through the sky on 'That's Incredible'....Quote That I would like to see!
  8. What do you mean??? YOU with armor on would scare the $h!t out of someone if you you could just keep from smiling that big Brazilian grin! Alan
  9. Your welcome....bad form to crack jokes about a guys wife but anyway .....I was hopeing Bob and SG would chime in that it was cool as its a really nice pic of the group and a great jump. I will look for Bobs e mail and dig up SG's # when I get a chance. Later, Alan
  10. Dave, I thought you would like to see this picture from your first "E". Congrats on your latest "E" as well! Alan I will repost once I get permission from the other 2 guys.
  11. Our hearts and condolences go out to his family and friends. Alan and Katya
  12. JohnDoe

    muff muff johhny

    Complete and utter sadness......What a wonderful and kind human being. Our prayers go out to his family. Alan and Katya
  13. Happy b day Chad! Hope Katie is spoiling you as always. Alan and Katya
  14. Recieved it last week! Thanks Yuri for getting it out right away. Lika, Loved it! beautiful and intense.......cant wait for more! Nice work to you all! Hope to check out your DZ next spring. A
  15. Hmmm.......Spencer+paraglider=altitude for buddy Alan! Go Spence Go!
  16. Happy Birthday! Mine is today! LEO'S RULE!! Alan
  17. Being married to a Russian woman myself, I look fwd to enjoying the intense creativity and passion for expression that these beautiful Russian women have. My wife has never done anything half assed and pours her heart and soul into every task at hand with absolutely no fear and no remorse, Im sure Lika has done the same from the sounds of her efforts. I have no doubt it will fill me with longing to hurl my body off the nearest object. Lika, I hope it comes today as it will be a Kick Ass birthday present. Ochen Spaseeba! Alan
  18. JohnDoe

    Body Armour

    ***Edit, just in case: In all seriousness, I owe my life to having worn Dainese armour. Quote Just curious if you have written the company with a testamonial? Or contacted them at all concerning your accident and if so what was their response? Thanks, A
  19. JohnDoe

    Body Armour

    Pfff, whatever. What did that suit ever do for you? Jaap, you kill me!
  20. I would have to say Fabers canopy as I have seen that thing glide for miles!!! Sorry , couldnt help it. Alan
  21. Lika, How can I get a couple of copies for the Seattle crew? Thanks, Alan
  22. Rest in Peace Mario. Thanks Andre for enduring the task for the betterment of us all....... I was so relieved when Iparanga called you for me the other morning. Alan