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  1. Doh, is here so many rigger connected?? lol… anyway, how many main have you seen with "dihedral" shape? the center cell lines I have was way shorter than usual…
  2. Hello, anyone have a Ventus/Vixen trim chart? or even the canopy, we can simply take measurements, whatever the size, it’s for a check… thanks
  3. with pin, ok, but, the yellow or gray one, since ~1996 ? or black and pink one, before 96, and with snap in white plastic ?
  4. there's definitely NOT a plate, just paper-rig... like :
  5. i've a 90, but the smallest 9cell i've jump is katana 107 and mamba 104. so, if i compare : -she open a bit faster (harder?) than katana, so i've change the lenght of the brake line, and the slider on mine. -she have also stronger front riser than katana, Parachute de France dont sell more than 5 or 6 canopy, all the other in flight was from the sponsored team, smells "commercial success"...mouarf. niques tout, chies d'dans...
  6. why rds? for just release the slider? or the deployement bag and pilot chute? because you can instal a "lanyard" on your daily slider, stow the slider in your back, and the bag and pilot chute in your sweat. you can sew a weightbelt for 2$, only the lead was expansive. niques tout, chies d'dans...
  7. that is only "one" of the possible way. how can you prove that it is not rather because the jumper that are now flying like "pussy"... and again, except for the tranquility of DZO, how is this "so" better? i dont know about other country, but in France, accidents are primarily due to lack of formation and training. the size is only one factor agravant, or not... and again, again, for the French, the problem is similar in driving a car, or bike, etc... niques tout, chies d'dans...
  8. don't forget the Murphy law, each fracture can be totaly different, if my femur is already repaired, I could not re-jump before a few years because an infection that caused me a lot more sequels (and it's not over) that the crash itself... that said, as someone said earlier, doctors have certainly benefited from my coma to give me some weird things or stange tests... niques tout, chies d'dans...
  9. JPX, aka miss Nemcova... niques tout, chies d'dans...
  10. first thing, change your canopy, sabre and safire suck's, go to crossbrace. second, downsize VERY much! you can't learn at 1.25. 2.25 was a minimum... third, 90° was way not enough, 630° is, again, a minimum. four, forget your risers, use only toggle. five, don't spend money and time with this stupid coach's, LOOK, they have surely already broken all their bodies with their habits... mouarf. niques tout, chies d'dans...
  11. 5 month ago, under my FX89, maybe a bit low turn... i'm already over 150k$, still on rehab, but absolutely nothing on my charge, just because i'm french... niques tout, chies d'dans...
  12. upt sell is rds whit the "No.3"? so small, hard to put the line on... PD sell is rds whit the "No.4"? easy. niques tout, chies d'dans...
  13. don't care about. i re-pack with the lanyard totaly twisted. i only do terminal opening except in comp, and it's fine. when the linyard was too bad, about 100jumps, i change the lanyard. with old line from a complete lineset changing, it's around 0$, 2min. niques tout, chies d'dans...
  14. try =>;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread niques tout, chies d'dans...