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  1. Here are some photos I took of a jump with David last year. David had not jumped for a while, so the plan was pretty tame - just enjoy the view basically, blow the cob webs away so to speak The pictures don't tell this story, but right at break off, in fact probably below, just I was thinking to wave at him, or point at my alti or something, David threw in a completely unexpected back loop, then another..... then grinned like a mad man! WOAH!!! was my first thought.... lol, but then I just tracked away chuckling as he dumped out. What a legend. Jen, if you pm me your email I would be honoured to send the photos across. BS
  2. where did you hear that richard had passed away?? Also care to explain your "internet friendship"? lol
  3. when's the big date? did he use the "21, female, blonde, good looking" line on you too..? LOL
  4. maybe fill out your profile.......???
  5. Yep, you won't be dissapointed. Awesome helmets.
  6. Maybe all these guys would say.. "You know what, he was heading down the right route, and he had an unfortunate accident/bad judgement call etc" Im afraid the only response your going to get so far dude, after turning your nose up at advice from countless skydivers like gemini, billvon, skinnyshrek, davelepka, sdctlc (combined jumps of what, 17,000??) ...is one of unbelivable resent for being so ignorant/stubiorn. Maybe listen to these guys you know? Get a refund, get the 135 back, do scott millers course, be happy youve just lifted a massive amount of risk of your shoulders...
  7. Chris, we shared PM's already, but dude...there are guys here with thousdands and thousands of skydives, and who have been in this sport before you even started high school. Take a step back, and listen to them. You will get alot of kudos if you do...
  8. Dude, these are maybe not the best examples of someone landing "well". The first one you flared late and and pretty much stalled the canopy... the second two you flare completely unevenly. Maybe keep your knees and feet together aswell. hope it all goes well
  9. Big congrats to everyone involved! Fingers crosssed for this weekend and something bigger...good luck guys n gals
  10. Also, at some periods it gets too dark for night jumps.
  11. details....details..... Yeah my mistake my maths is a little substandard. See you soon Moritz!! Congrats again on the medal!!!
  12. http://www.skydivelillo.com/english/coaching/swoopChamp.html