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  1. Hey man, I'm still drunk, fall for a living and i'm not a wet back! miss ya! January is Kid Rock month! Merry Christmas!
  2. Not a favorite but I did get a good laugh when I saw this.
  3. For a basic pattern I picked apart an old pair of trousers that I knew would fit me and just went from there. I used a medium weight cotton canvas and it seems to be holding up well. (about 250 jumps on this pair)
  4. The Ghostriders at the time of those rigs were: Jerry McCauley, Bret Townley, Mick Zullo, Ron York and Chris Judice... We won Gold in Rotation and 8 way speed (with Team Infinity) in 1996 wearing those rigs.
  5. "cause i'm a cowboy baby!" I'm gonna miss you Howard!
  6. I have about 4000 tandems and average a little over 1000 a year.. I mix it up with camera jumps and a 6 week holiday in the winter to help keep burnout from taking over.
  7. You need to remove the screws from the inside of the tape door behind the arm to get rid of it.. I did this about a year ago so I'm just going by memory.. Hope this helps
  8. My best memories of skydiving in the US are of Jerry and the Ghostriders.. He was a brother, friend and teammate! I will miss you Bubba!
  9. C'mon Kleggo you should know that most people are not as talented as you!
  10. I'm not wishing for it to happen.. Just noting that It's taking it's time coming!
  11. Thanks i'll look him up.. I would rather improve my camera with freeflying and that does float my boat! I very rarely fun jump.. I'm curious, In your boat... Why would I want to learn freeflying? Cheers
  12. I'm thinking of taking a month off work this summer to learn how to freefly with the goal of filming tandems.. Who would be a good coach and which tunnel? I'm not too interested in California... I'm from there so when I travel back to the states I'd like to go somewhere other than home. Cheers for any tunnel and coach suggestions!
  13. Just hit tandem # 2500 the other day and I'm still waiting for my first cutaway!