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    Skydive Portugal

    +351256878086 Created by lovers of the dream of flying, we provide unique experiences of adventure in the air. With roots in the city of Évora, where the broad Alentejo plains merge with the blue sky. To want more has always been man's ultimate challenge. The experience of going further, getting higher where only a few have ventured. Tandem jump This type of jumping is currently the most sought after by the parachute jumping facility and by the minimum preparation required. Being a variant of traditional parachuting, the tandem jump is always performed with a specialized instructor, so it can be done by most people. The free fall lasts approximately 50 seconds at 200 km / h and occurs at 13,500 feet (4,200 meters). QLA Jump (AFF) Designated by Accelerated Free Fall. Skydive Portugal offers a progressive course based on 7 levels. This program is intended for people who want to start practicing free fall jumping, allowing you to grasp the basic principles of parachuting. The program includes a theoretical lesson of 6 hours followed by a series of 7 jumps (accompanied by an instructor), after which the first solo jump is performed. Skydive Portugal operates the entire year with a Dropzone at the Évora city's Heritage (UNESCO) airfield, right in the heart of Alentejo. Skydive Portugal has developed partnerships with accommodation units in Évora, with special conditions for clients and parachutists.
  2. Hello I need find some fotos from malfuncions of canopy to show the students in the cours. Some one now a place in internet where i can find? Thanks
  3. Jump´s at 14000 ft 22/12 to 1/1/2006 Bankhouse very nice, free Big party 31 to 1 Ask +351917525555 or mail [email protected]
  4. In the moment we have about 40 jumpers manifest
  5. Hello pywas! In Portugal only exist 1 place where you can jump 13.500 or more. Is Skydive-Portugal in Proença 180km from Lisbom. We have 1 Pilatos resident and between 1/12 to 23/12 there is here a Twin Otter at 16.000 Ft
  6. We have a Pack 15 jump´s for 270€ and a normal ticket 20€
  7. Skydive Portugal - Proença A Nova Christmas Boogie December 18, 2004 to January 2 Special promotion 25 jumps = 400 euros. Jumps in Pilatus turbine plane to 13500 ft Registrations for: [email protected] Skykidee
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    Skydive Castellon

    Beach jumps, 50 meters from the beach