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  1. Definitely helps... last question: I assume lenses are specifix to the monkeykam, aren t they? Alambic
  2. Hi there, read the very interesting article by Andey Frey on bullet cams and found only one thread on this :;search_string=bullet;#319902 that didn t solve some of my doubts: -What about the "widening lens" (the one you usually add to a cam to skydive to have better angle of vision... sorry not to kbow the word, I am not a native speaker)? do you still need one, or is it included is the bullet cam? -What about breaking the "digital chain"? if I understand well, transmission between the bullet cam and the recorder (ie your belly mounted MiniDV cam) is analogical. Don t you lose any quality in this digital->analogical->digital conversion? -What about stabilizing? I heard that on many MiniDV cams image stabilization was granted both by harware and software, and that with such bullet cams you lost one if not both types of stabilization. Thanks to all, I am not currently flying camera, because I have a fragilized neck, so I am very interested in this type of systems.. JB Alambic
  3. How do you say that uin english? "If you re not smart you've got to be tough", that s it? Seems you were tough enough... Alambic
  4. OK I don t think it is worth asking you why, because continuing such a conversation cuold only end with some awfully bad manners :) Just hope you will have an opportunity to change your mind. Bye, and safe jumps... Alambic
  5. Wow... you explained UK was because of weather, but what s up with France? Anyway: -France can t say anything... it wouldn t be honest :) -Spain: Pro:Nice nice nice people... nice nice nice weather Cons: Except Empuria, some times some "amateurism" because skydiving is not as developped as in USA, or France for example -Morroco Pro: nice scenery Cons: no permanent DZ Alambic
  6. I understand your point of view... I don t want to have tu cut away, but I would feel more confortable to have already done one in the past... All of this for a simple reason: when shit happens, you can experience brainlock, and I still don t know if I would... I know at least three cases (not cutaways, but low turns) where someone in a bad situation did exactly the opposite of what he should have done, for brainlocking... And I would feel more confident to know I am not in this case... Alambic
  7. In fact they're not.. ;-P (I got a bad landing in Spain, and I don t think I have been cured seriously... that was not a serious wound, hopefully) I know that it doesn t add a lot, but just as an information: the insurance included in the licence of the French Federation is available worldwide... maybe this could be negociated too in other federations... Alambic
  8. You re forgetting that if you don t pull you deserve to die }:-) (just joking) Alambic
  9. Will it be your very last? or will be a last like the 1524 times you said you were quitting the discussion? ;-) Now reading over and over this discussion I understand your point of view, and I just noticed that the same reasoning of "would I do a jump with so many people if I hadn't a Cypres", is the same as "would I jump with this packing I just ended when they were yelling at me to get on the plane, if I hadn't a reserve"... And it seems to me that all the skydivers I know have done inconsciently this type of bad reasoning one day or another. (being aware of it or not)... Now where I can t understand your (or Bill's or others that have similar ones) reosoning, is on the link you're doing on this fact (people getting tolerant on their own safety relying on devices), and dependency... Can t you just admit that there may be different reasons to chose to always jump with AAD, and that there are good and bad reasons to do it... I think on this thread and other ones on the subject almost all the oposition you have had is on this statement "Every person that refuse to jump without Cypres is relying too much on it", while many agree on "Cypres isn t a good reason to lower your safety standards". You say "never do a jump with Cypres you wouldn t do without Cypres"... And I say "I chose not to jump without Cypres, because Cypres exists, but I commit to never accept I jump I wouldn t have accepted if I had jumped in the pre-Cypres era"... you don t have to actually jump without the cypres to think like that... Alambic
  10. Are you speaking of vertical speed, or overall speed... because the cypress will only record the vertical one... Alambic
  11. Do you think it could go that fast? Cypres triggers at 35 m/s, no? that means 126 km/h no? Can a canopy go that fast (in overall speed possibly, but in vertical speed?) ? I believe not, but if someone has feedbacks on this it would interest me. Alambic
  12. Ron, just one thing: every two post you say "I have 3000 jumps, you have less so listen to me"... I listen to you... but here in France someone decided that you had to wear an AAD... And this guy must have at least 3000 jumps to... so he doesn t agree with you... Now: I don t have 3000, but I have two persons with 3000 telling me opposite things... what do I do? Listen to both of them, and trust my judgement to see who I agree with... So please, stop taking your number of jumps as an argument... Less experience than you doesn t mean stupidity, so even someone with fewer jumps, even if doesn t know all can have an opinion... and an open minded attitude is to listen on both side... That's all I had to say... Alambic
  13. I let this discussion to go on supporting France team in Gap... But still Ron, If I understand and agree on part of you point of view, (people should make dangerous things because they think they are safe), there is no problem for me in adapting your jumps to the level of security of your equipment (the same as not jumping non FF compliant rigs on FF) Alambic
  14. I am totally OK with being dependant: I won t do anything stupid thinking "I have a Cypres that s OK"... I will do something stupid (because let s face it real skydivers do stupid things... and after (maybe long after) the jump they say: why did I do this jump, it was stupid), but I won t do them thinking my Cypress was here... I just jump with a Cypres because it allow to do stupid things, but because in a certain extent it gives me an added survival chance in case shits hits the fan... Alambic
  15. Once again I think you mix this two things: -people who do stupid things and have the cypres an excuse for it -people who take the cypres as their security standard, and don t see why drop their standards... Alambic