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  1. Ordered my first Tony Suit from tony himself. Delivery took much longer then he promised and the suit did not fit. After sending the suit back at my expense for a second round of alterations which took about a month I got the suit back with a better fit, but the hook knife pocket was never moved and was a knee level. I brought this problem directly to Tony and expressed my dissatisfaction with the extra expenses and down time of purchasing a new suit that he had actually measured, which still needed some alterations to have the hook knife pocket properly relocated. His response was to have my DZ rigger make the modifications because his company was to backed up to take care it. So... if you're not in a hurry for a jumpsuit, have some extra cash to throw away for shipping costs if the suit does not fit then you might want to consider a Tony Suit. If not then I would recommend a Bev Suit, who has always come through for me the first time around.
  2. Anyone interested in skydiving or a tandem jump should check this place out. You will know the minute you arrive this DZ is a rare find and open to anyone. I think you would have to look long and hard to find a more professional and dedicated staff. Everyone you come in contact with is quick to say hello or help you out. I began my AFF Program this past weekend. I will never be able to top that experience. You only have ONE FIRST SKYDIVE. Only another skydiver understand what I mean and what is found up there. Thanks again to all the staff for a great time and a job well done. Have a safe holiday, hope to see everyone soon.