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  1. i know these guys run camps in colorado sometimes i think works out cheaper than $800 an hour www.tunnelcamps.com but its for a camp so 5/6 hours at a time blue skies h
  2. hi this may be of interest to you www.tunnelcamps.com
  3. hi my recommendation is for you to come to florida have a look at tunnelcoach.com email martin and tell him what your goals are you will get the best value for your money i promise you blue skies h
  4. everyone is entitled to their opinion ofcourse but that doesnt mean they are an expert or know what they are talking about necessarily. i have been to the orlando tunnel and there is nothing wrong with it any time of year ! for you it will be perfect. if you are coming to florida get in touch with martin at tunnelcoach.com and i promise you will not be disappointed. you will get max value for money.
  5. i have sold a number of items in the classified section so maybe a fixed $5 fee or $10 fee everytime someone sells an item on dropzone.com
  6. hi did a search on this forum for the Samsung SC-MX20 but didnt see anything. is there anyone who uses this flash camcorder for general freeflying videography? just want to video fun jumps and post on my website and thought this would be a cheap and light top mount alternative to my side mount mini dv sony hc40. any comments/advice would be very much appreciated blue skies
  7. hossein

    Skydive Spain

    just got back from xmas boogie, was absolutely fantastic, great vibe with all skydiving disciplines taking part. around 70 loads on some days! staff are very professional and i didnt have to wait more than 40 minutes to get on a lift. world class instructors and excellent rigging facilities. local area is very close to seville airport with lots of bars and restaurants. can be cold first thing in the morning this time of year but by mid day was fantastic to jump. landing area is huge but gets really muddy and awkward if it has rained. packing area is ok and i know there were packers on site. facilities are good enough but i would stay at a local hotel as oppose to the dz. good bar/cafe on site. you can not go wrong jumping here. weather can be so so this time of year so have a plan b for rainy days. south coast and gibraltar or even portugal are only a few hours drive away.
  8. bought a superfly second hand great all round rig light, comfortable and freefly safe thomas sports customer service was excellent
  9. very good idea i will cover the unnecessary velcro with matching velcro as oppose to cut it out a bit of thinking outside the box :-) tkvm for ur comment
  10. thats exactly it !!! why didnt i think off that :-) you are right; when they make the rig they make it so that you can use a normal metal d-ring reserve handle but when you request a reserve pad as an option they have already stiched the webbing with two sides of velcro for the metal handle and do not take the extra velcro off. i think this is a safety issue which needs to be addressed since with the metal ring i guess you can prize open the sealed velcro pouch by forcing the metal ring into it but this method wont work with the pad tab.
  11. the reserve pod has only one side of velcro which seals with one side of the velcro in the pouch but for some reason there is another side of velcro in the pouch too which seals the pouch shut if the reserve pod is not present
  12. i was at zhills on saturday and exited an otter on a 3-way train. i was rear float (so front of the train facing the tail) waved off to go into 3 way camp fire when the guy behind me managed to dislodge my reserve pad with his left foot! i immediately grabbed it and tried to put it back into velcro pocket but........ cold start to the day so i was wearing gloves and on my atom container and same on new icons by the way the reserve pouch has two sided velcro so when reserve pad comes out the pouch shuts tight holding onto pad with my left hand i tried to open the pouch with my right hand but was impossible with gloves so i took my right glove off with my teeth and prized open the pouch with my index finger and manged to shove only half the reserve pad into the pouch as it kept shutting when i moved my finger down. i was flying on my back probably doing big circles and the whole event took about 6000 ft ! at 3000 ft i held onto my reserve pad and pulled pc out at about 2500 since i didnt know where i was on jump run and kept good arch with both hands on my chest to give best symmetry for deployment stilleto deployed with no problems and i landed without trying any hard turns reserve pin had been pulled to about 5mm from end so was very close to popping. interested to know peoples opinion on what they would have done in this situation and also any thoughts on why these rigs have double sided velcro where the reserve pad sits since i am going to cut one layer off after this experience.
  13. yes i meant Scott my bad but when watching the video the wrapper is the main character one tends to focus on since you are hidden most of the time and i assumed that would be the guy posting for some reason..... !!!!