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  1. Thanks, that sound good! The negative stories I heard came from Dubai, so maybe the temperature was the problem and not the skydiving.
  2. Thanks, great to hear that! I'll keep the lens
  3. I'll do all kinds of photos (tandem, freefly, RW). I've used for years the standard kit lens at 18mm and was quite happy with it. But now I've bought a Drift HD cam which has an extreme wide angle and so I wanted also a bit wider still camera lens.
  4. Hi everyone I just bought a Canon EF-S 10-22 for my EOS 400D and now I've heard some negative things about the durability of the USM (it would fail after some time and the AF doesn't work anymore). But here on DZ.com I read only positive things about this lens, but most post are several years old. So I would like to hear some long term experiences. Is anyone using this lens for several years for skydiving and have you had any problems? I could still send it back to Amazon if it was a bad choice and buy a Sigma instead. Thank you!
  5. OK, I'm not really working here, but that's me on a funjump. 2 video guys with 2 still- and 2 video cameras being last out from a Porter to make some nice shots from each other The 2nd picture is from my perspective.
  6. Mostly EOS 300D and some EOS 400D, in most cases the simple sports mode. January is with flash 1/200 F5.0.
  7. I've created a printed calendar (40 x 30 cm) from my favourite shots from the last season. It's really difficult to select 13 shots, I tried to get a good mixture (freefly, RW, wingsuit, AFF, tandem, ballonjump and canopy). Hope you enjoy
  8. Yes, I thought about it, but after looking at the attached pictures I'm not sure if this is a good idea
  9. Yes, the tape solution worked for me, too, but now even this don't do it. You won't believe how much tape I wasted in the last time for only doing a photo jump Maybe I buy a used 300D on Ebay and sell then to almost the same price mine. This should be the cheapest solution
  10. Hi I've some trouble with the jack plug of my 2 1/2 year old Canon 300D (Digital Rebel). The connection of the tongue switch got during the last few month more and more worst. In the first 2 years it worked fine, then it worked only in one position of the plug and now it doesn't work completely. So what should I do, I think repairing would cost too much, or? So put it on Ebay and buy a 400D?
  11. Yes, it was measured the longest flight time between 3000 and 2000m (9800 - 6500ft). Distance didn't play a role. There was a 2nd rating for the estimated flight time in round 3. The winner was only 0.5 seconds wrong and won a new Blade.
  12. I've created now also an english version of the results table with mph velocities.