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  1. I'm based out of guam now for about three years. The dz is a tandem factory for japanese tourists, so i just left my rig in florida. The people are great, but firm about no fun jumpers. the landing site is pretty small and on the east side of the island. It really is a small soccer field surrounded by telephone poles. the people are pretty damn good. The only other way your going to get jumps in there is if your eod or nsw. its too bad cause the view is incredible. Things might change (not likely) when the 5000 marines move to the island in the next few years. invest in water sports or fly to australia.
  2. Open mind is a good concept, but a skeptical one is better, towards both sides. I'm not a fan on the guy, but will be renting the movie soon. Having access to a lot of aars from the box and briefs from buds that are there and coming back i know there are alot of things the media doesn't get and hence to general public doesn't. Unfortunately people just have to know that they don't know it all. Having worked a protection detail for kerry at one of his homes i'm not a fan of the guy. my opinion of him is very unfavorable, but its my opinion and i won't impress it upon others.
  3. well the mysterious turn has magically gone away. actually i found keeping my feet side by side on final has gotten rid of it. guess i was leaning to one side. i've also started to pull the slider all the way down past the toggles and let the chest strap all the way out to the stop fold. it mite just be in my head but man does the canopy seem to fly so much better. i can lean on one side and i can see it start to turn!! that rocks. wish that was stuff that was put out in aff. flares so much nicer too. is it in my head?
  4. got real lucky here. had to goto a military freefall school for the navy and found out skydiving was awesome
  5. is the placed still staffed the same? andy whitcomb, maggie, crazy dave, greg, adam? i went to the school next door and am going to be back out there 7th-10th to jump before i leave the country for a while.
  6. duece bigallow got the money for the aquarium. you could do the same i reckon. hollywood never lies
  7. I used to think my new canopies had built in turns, but then they just went away mysteriously.*** haha rotf. the canopy was relined by pd. i'll get it looked at by a rigger. the winds were alittle high for my comfort today so i didn't jump. hopefully tommorrow.
  8. relax and remember that there is no failure. if you were going through a military course and failed you'd have two more tries and then your out. a failure and not to come back. just remember its fun and you want to be there. and it only gets funner.
  9. the canopy was relined about 60 jumps ago. when jocking up i check to make sure my leg straps are even. i'll see if i can get someone to fly close today so i can see how its flying.
  10. in the last four jumps when i've been on my final approach my canopy has drifted to the right about a good fifty yards. i'll be facing right into the wind which has usually been around five to ten. my toggles will be full up and its more of a side slide as the canopy is pretty much still pointed forward maybe only two or three degrees to the right. the only things i've done different is collapse the slider and loosen the chest starp (read it on here thought i'd try it) i believe that i'm sitting in squarely in the harness and not leaning to any side, would that make a difference anyways(sabre 230 loaded 1.0) any thoughts? would the slider affect flite? cause the right side to dip if it was tied wierd?everything flies straight at altitude. or so it seems.
  11. check out dpreview.com its a all digital camera site with tons of reviews(just about ever dcamera p&s and slr out there) and a huge forum area. people are also nice and quick to respond to questions.
  12. newbie question, what the bungee strap for? i also have a talon dom 95.
  13. i just think the shirt rocks (not directed at anyone here btw) anyone know where one can find the picture of the "everytime you masturbate god kills a kitten?"
  14. too shy to leave the face nowadays: go workout? nah, i'm going jumping... (will the addiction last more than a month?) is there a size limit on attachments?
  15. thanks, hopefully the weather down here will be nice tommorrow and i'll give it a try and see how much difference that makes! thanks for all the help all!
  16. rent different rigs for a while and ask your instructors who actually see you land. providing your weight will help with canopy size recommendations compared to your experience. search for a post on here about downsizing too quickly. wish i would have read it before going from a 7 cell 260(0.9wl) to 9 cell 190(1.3wl). big difference in no wind. heres the url for the first rig facts http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=762531;search_string=first%20rig
  17. besides different canopy sizes, once under canopy how can you get more forward travel into winds(~15knots guess). had a jump today where winds were picking up and luckily stayed on the dz. Think i only covered about two hundred yards in the descent from 3k. sabre 230 at 1.1 canopy control class in the future yep
  18. congrats and hbay. where'd you do your other jumps?
  19. where can one look to see the different effects that humitdity, dz altitude from state to state, and such have on canopies.
  20. skydive san diego! cause the navy tactical air ops school is there and those guys are taught in three weeks aff to include nite jumps with full combat equipment load. they even wind up landing together. teaching thirty to fifty sailors brand new to skydiving all that in fifteen working days, haha thats priceless and a miracle.