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  1. caress

    Jackie Hartman

    for those whom have been here since 2007... you may have remembered that I came on here and asked for help from AZ skydivers to help find my niece Jackie Hartman whose body was discovered outside Sunflower on Feb 19, 2007. Many from here joined in that search, and in case you haven't heard, her killer has been convicted - guilty on all counts. I wanted to come back on here and thank all of those who dedicated their time and effort toward helping my family during that time and let those who may not have known- what has now transpired since that tragedy. Thank you for your attention- Caress I've learned.... That being kind is more important than being right.
  2. Anniversary- Got lots planned- wine- man- song- dancing- romance- every year now for 20 years-Caress
  3. Ice 20 minutes on- 20 off and you will need those perscriptions filled and brought to your side with water and a bib - drink soup and it will be about a week and 1/2 before you get anywhere near normal- rest dude!-Caress I've learned.... That being kind is more important than being right.
  4. I thought The Eagles would never get back together, but they did. WFFC will revive, and be better than ever- Someday. Just not this damn minute I've learned.... That being kind is more important than being right.
  5. Dude, they cut your hair- keep them happy- they have to eat too- I tip my Hair person, besides that- she is hot, and she hasn't ever given any of my family, or myself a bad hair cut.
  6. I just wet myself- I so needed to read that today! Thanks for that FYI of the day baby it so made my day!-Caress
  7. 1 can of kirkland canned chicken = $1.70 1 box of stove top stuffing= $1.79 put water and butter into saucepan with chicken and bring to boil and then turn off the fire and add stuffing mix- stir cover and wait 5 minutes. instant chicken and stuffing feeds 3. Enjoy total spent $3.49 Caress
  8. tried to make a catapult. The only thing I catapulted was a brick to the top of my head- that hurt. fell out of a tree and caught the last branch with my feet hanging upsidedown over the bricks and cement- thought that was pretty awesome considering I was in black church shoes while climbing the tree. tried to go off of a jump on my crusty ol schwinn- got a banana seat right in the kooch- That hurt tried to swing like tarzan from a tree branch- it broke and I think my tail bone did too! tried to get me a scooby snack at age 3 from a dobermans food bowl and the dog bit me in the mouth- got plastic surgery for that one. Thought that I was too cool for calling a kid chuckie fuckie in kindergarten marched home and told my parents. my dad being a christian man backhanded me so hard I saw stars. Wow what a great lesson for me I still talk like a sailor! Just a few of the ol juicy ones!-Caress I've learned.... That being kind is more important than being right.
  9. 1. God 2. Hearing my children and/or husband laugh 3. Laughing 4. Super Hot sex with my hubby 5. A couple shots of Bearenyager and some more sex with my husband. 6. Well made chinese food, and a well made long island ice tea. 7. My husband doing the dishes- doing the laundry, and or doing housework. 8. Good music ( I love lots of different kinds of that) 9. An excellent evening of us and our friends getting together. 10. Time with my family on roller coasters, waterslides, camping, snowboarding, tubing. I would love to jump again, and would love even more to get my license.
  10. I wouldnt take it. I would even tell a white lie and say it is against company policy to get out of that. My thing is you are letting a stranger into your personal life- not gonna happen. I'd rather be safe than dead.-My 0.02 cents-Caress I've learned.... That being kind is more important than being right.
  11. My 40th B-Day -Well it was random!-Caress
  12. Never have liked Bank of America's policies and business practices. I have not ever banked there and I sure as shit never will. B of A " bunch of Asshats" Yup that atleast is statement I can see to be more fitting.-Caress I've learned.... That being kind is more important than being right.
  13. Bowling- something about hurling a heavy ball at pins that satisfies that urge to obliterate something with force. Target practice- could be deadly if you do not have alot of self control, but blasting things can relieve stress for me. Swimming- laps in the cool pool for a hot head- especially doing individual medley laps- works the body out and improves the brain for clearer thinking. Keeps your muscles in good shape for jumping as well so it is really beneficial. Stream fishing - good trout fishing with a buddy, tri hook, and velveeta cheese, flask of crown royal. Fish fry and an overnight in an RV or camper up in the woods- good for you Just a few of my favorite things besides the thought of Jumping again. Low cost and realistic relief. Good wishes to your swift recovery to unpissedness-Suzanne
  14. Broke a glass coffee table, laughed while bleeding Fell outta bed with him ontop and he kept going while I was trying to catch my breath- still came so it was all good- Of course the usual raw spots when you go and go until it drys up- blue balls to, but those were the old days. I have gotten man cum in my eye ( oh the hazards of upsidedown sex), I have had a night watchman interupt my sex in the jaccuzzi, and wanted to shove his night stick up his ass(does that count?) and of course I have gotten the elbow in the eye a couple times. -Caress
  15. Been there- done that- several times! Some of those nights, the best ever. I dont go there anymore though, but I remember them well. Some with me and 2 guys, other nights me, my girlfriend and a guy- just all depended on what mood we were in.