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  1. Thanks for the help so far everyone, but i didnt have any luck yet... so keep those websites coming. thanks, frankie
  2. Hi everyone. Its been over a year since i've posted. I was away for awhile due to circumstances but I hope to come back to the sport shortly. Im looking for canopies for sale (used) i know there is a classified on this website but i cant find what im looking for. Can anyone give me some idea of other websites to look? Thank you, Frankie
  3. Well I flew the canopy on march 4th. It had been 1 month since my last jump so I don't know why but I was quite nervous. Believe it or not my legs started shaking.... I was a bit scared. I jumped out at 6000 and opened immediately. It was great I felt so much control while the canopy was opening. It was like I controlled the canopy and not the other way around. Wow canopy open, beautiful ! Fast turns, but not as fast as expected. Had a very nice landing but as crazy as it may sound my swoop was actually shorter and worse then on my sabre 150. Actually my landing even thou I stood it up looked (ugly) like the ones I used to have long time ago when I got my Sabre. Guess I have to learn again. Still it flew great!! The toggle pressure was a little hard but not as bad as the sabre 1.
  4. Anyone here knows where I can find a quick study guide to use this adobe Premiere Pro 7.0. I just got it today and it´s bugging me. I´m used to stupid easy stuff like MovieMaker and Movie Shaker. For this one I´m going to have to do some reading. Any ideas or quick refrence guides?? Anything is usefull. Frankie Brina
  5. My bad then. just buy anything then.
  6. Consider a situation where both are out. I beleive it´s good to have main and reserve arou the same size.
  7. that's ridiculous!! How stupid can one be to have to cut the pin!!! Its enough that they opened it (U$40,00) they damaged the gear literally.
  8. Looks to me to be MS Picture It
  9. Well I'll never buy a canopy from you.
  10. This rain is ruining my days off (wednesday and thursday) To top it all off..... my knew canopy is due from UPS by tomorrow and I don't see me jumping it.
  11. Weekdays you can bet on Deland. Weekends any dropzone has activity. I will be around.
  12. Please!!! I need a pic of a 129 sq ft elliptical canopy in flight. Crossfire would be best but just any will do. Thanks!!!!