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  1. Cliff was an important part in our little skydive family in Asia, while he lived in Singapore..... I remember all the stories I heard about him before I even met him. I was scared that I was not cool enough and I thought he will be laughing at me as I'm a bit of a chicken.... the opposite...he always had time for an encouraging word, cheered and motivated me for the next challenge.... a couple of years after he left Singapore Marcus and I met up with him at Perris for the flyboyz film festival. He got invited to do some big ways with the big girls and boys.... but he always found time to jump and hang with us....... Cliff you never left our mind...... ....Marco, I never will forget the time you were in Singapore and jumping with us in Asia....I couldn't believe what you guys can eat....disgusting poor :-).... I thought I had to puke... I also don't forget the love I saw Cliff having for you - unconditional..... I think we are all very lucky to have crossed the path with such an incredible person..... I also remember the first of January here in Australia were we are at the moment (it was still the 31 st in the US)..... Marcus reading the news on DropZone.com..... saying he has bad news...thinking he read the weather forecast and it will be raining for another 3 days...... how I wished this was true and how we wished Marco wasn't confirming our fear... Jolanda