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  1. I just got a message from this same guy with the email address [email protected] The whole message just reeked of scam.
  2. I agree it would be funny....IF you know them well. My creepy client didn't know me at all, I had just met him. The gift card implied he wanted to though....
  3. As a rigger I think this is a good idea. BUT, do NOT do what one of my clients (ex client I should say) did: Do not give a victoria's secret gift card. That's just creepy
  4. I'm actually in this Gear and Rigging forum looking for something else but decided to chime in. One of the things Jeff that I think will keep you safe is the fact that you're asking these questions in the first place. There are pros/cons to every single piece of equipment in this sport. Lets face it, this isn't golf and jumping from a plane is inherently dangerous. Having knowledge, or I should say asking these types of questions and doing research etc, is one of the keys to safety. As a rigger and coach I'm appalled by the fact that most people (and I'm not talking about newbies) don't know anything about gear other than where their handles are. They're more concerned about looking cool. Makes me cringe
  5. I am one of the riggers who has worked on Kevin's gear. If the OP would like to have a discussion he/she can pm me.
  6. Before I go out and spend more $$ I figured I would toss a question out. I currently have an old Sony PC109 with a Cameye attached via Lanc port. I just bought a Sony cx150 which doesn't have a Lanc port. Does anyone know of an adapter that can fit on the end of the Cameye and attach to the cx150 or do I pretty much have to rip out the Cameye and put in a Hypeye??
  7. I just went to a new insurance agent today to get a different home owners policy than what I had (long story why) and my old policy covered my rig. The new agent told me that as long as I didn't use it for work it would be covered. If you use it for work you would have to have it insured as business property. The new policy I have is Travelers Insurance. I wish you luck with this. And it does cover it away from home. I keep mine at the dz all the time too and specifically wanted a policy for this reason.
  8. Sorry Guy....I'm in Mass and I'm the one that got SKYDVE. Unfortunately there wasn't enough space for the I What about SKYDVR?
  9. I ordered the Viso from Square 1 back in the end of April / beginning of May and at that time they said it would be shipped to them in 2 weeks. Apparantly L & B had a few issues with it and kept putting the date off. I just called Square 1 last week and they said it should be in by the end of September. I know it isn't their fault, it's the manufacturer, but this is turning into a major pain in the ass. The only reason I don't cancel the order is that I think when it finally does come out it will be an awesome product. L&B have the best customer service around. To really rub salt into my wound, there is a team that is sponsored by L&B that sometimes jumps at my dz and I couldn't help but notice they were all wearing Visos a month ago! Apparently they sent out some to the sponsored teams for them to test. Good thing I'm not holding my breath waiting for this.....
  10. I just want to thank everyone for all their input.....I found out from some spies at my dz that it is the Viso that he wants. He definitely wants something on his wrist and the Optima is meant to be in the helmet. Apparently the only reason he doesn't want the Neptune is that he doesn't wan't anything to record info. He has a Protrack for that already. L & B assure me that they are shipping the Viso out this week and shops should be ready to ship them to customers in a week or two. I'm not a swooper, but after reading about them, now I want one too! maybe I'm just a shopaholic ....
  11. Sometimes you men are harder to buy for than women!!! I checked out the L&B website and the Optima and the Viso are the two options I think. The Optima also records jump info (which his protrack already does) and the Viso doesn't. Personally I have a protrack and a skytronic and use both, especially when freeflying and like comparing the info they record.........but I'm not sure if that's what he wants it for. I may just buy a $200 gift certificate and let him pick himself.......that way if he changes his mind altogether and goes with a Neptune it will pay for most of it. UGGHHH!! Buying presents shouldn't be this hard! But thanks for all your help guys!Quote
  12. Hi, I'm not a swooper but I have a friend who is and his birthday is coming up. He mentioned that he wanted to get a Larsen and Brusgaard warning device for his landings. I couldn't get any info out of him as to the exact name of it (I think he figured out I would buy it for him and doesn't want me to spend the money so he clammed up when I asked more questions). Anyway......anybody have any idea what he is talking about? I checked their website and there are two things that look like possibilities. He already has a ProTrack so he doesn't seem to need anything that records. Any help would be appreciated!
  13. Todd was my main coach at an Airspeed camp last November and his enthusiasm was infectious to say the least. I learned so much from him. I also spent a great deal of time talking with his parents who were there to visit him. They are so proud of Todd for realizing his dream and joining Airspeed. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. Have a speedy and full recovery Todd.