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  1. Point of Information: I got an EXT because I am 73" tall (that's 5'13") and 195 lbs. An old right shoulder separation and rotator cuff injury from 20 years ago make it harder for me to wind my right hand very far up my back, so I like the lower placement of the hackey with the longer/narrower EXT. Old Guys Rock!
  2. Pilot 132 in Wings EXT with all the WS mods. Good stable openings and nice flight characteristics. Only downside to the Wings EXT is the longer narrower container makes it harder for rodeo riders to hold on with their knees (less "sadle" in the small of my back). Old Guys Rock!
  3. I can shed some light on this, as a friend and I did the Insta-Flock deal Nov 15, expecting suits for Xmas-time boogies. Things were unusually quiet from Morpheus after Thanksgiving despite our inquiries, until this week (our suits are now in production). A recent email from Kathy at Morpheus says "I apologize for this. We have had a rough go of it over the holiday season as I really racked myself up on Thanksgiving breaking my Tibial Plateau and tearing my knee to shreds. I just had surgery last week and have really been out of touch with the business. As it is only Rob and myself, he has been trying to deal with some of this aspect of things but has been so busy with production that it has been hard to keep up. I do apologize for this again and will be happy to let you know your balance." Such it is at small businesses. Anyway, I can forgive the wait for a good quality product. And I hope Kathy is back in the air soon. Old Guys Rock!
  4. I made three flights Friday at Z-Hills, two with Scott (notsane) and Walt. But Scott was flying his S3 and Walt was in a GTi. We practiced formation flying. No video. Scott had his new GS-1 there (pretty! A real chick magnet - ground photo attached), but did not get to fly it. I had my early GS-1 and we could have flocked later but ran out of daylight. Neither Scott nor I could return Sat due to family activities. Good to fly with you guys!! See you in April at the big Flock-N-Dock. Old Guys Rock!
  5. I will be at Z-Hills today, and could at least flock with you for observation & feedback. I have one of the early GS-1's and two tail wings. Voodew got the upgrade for us kit from Cate but I haven't connected with him about it yet as I am in Florida (he's still in Texas). We jumped a 3-flock of GS-1's a couple weeks ago at San Marcos, and I can flock pretty close, although I am not as proficient in the fine control adjustments yet as I am with my V-1. But with a couple hundred flights beind me I think I can hang with you in eitther suit. I expect to arrive at Z-Hills around 11am and stay until dark:30. My daughter will be with me (~50 jumps) and I may break away to jump with her some (I have a separate RW rig) but am looking for some flocking fun too. Old Guys Rock!
  6. OK. I'm here. I can see the CASA, the Otter, and the Cessna. But where's that famous Florida sunshine??? Staff here says all the wingsuiters left yesterday after sitting through rainstorms. Bummer. Maybe I can find some flyboys later today (if it clears as the weather guy says), or later in the week at Z-Hills. C-Ya. Old Guys Rock!
  7. I like to keep my wingsuit hooked up, ready to go. I only de-rig it when I want to change wingsuits (I have a V-1, GS-1, and an Acro on order [just sold my GTi]). The rig is a wingsuit friendly Wings EXT with a Pilot132 in it - nice for flights. I keep the whole setup in a large hard suitcase with wheels so it's easy to move around, and there is plenty of room in it so the ribs and stiffners don't get messed up when it's transported. I have two other rigs I use for RW/FF, and CRW, but since my favorite activity is wingsuiting, I use the first rig most of the time. Old Guys Rock!
  8. I arrive in Orlando late Saturday night to visit relatives near Lady Lake, but will try to break out early on Sunday to flock with you guys at least one day. Hope the weather cooperates ... I LOVE leaving tailgate a/c in a wingsuit! Popping above the plane is cool! Will probably go to Z-Hills later in the week, too. Old Guys Rock!
  9. Been a long time since I was at Z-Hills. Here's a pic of me on my last jump there. Old Guys Rock!
  10. Yeah! I can hang with the PUPS. Gimme some Wild Turkey and a stiff breeze ... Old Guys Rock!
  11. Thanks. I'm arriving on the 18th so will probably miss the Lake Wales deal. Will probably see who I can find at Z-Hills sometime during the week. Have a great time at Eloy! Old Guys Rock!
  12. Taking the kids outta Texas to see grandma in central Florida the week before Xmas. Bringing gear, too. Any flockers gonna be at Z-Hills, Deland, or Lake Wales that week? All DZ's about an hour away from the folks place, but I don't know which would be best for wingsuiting (my favorite activity!). Just looking for some interesting flocks and fun flyin! . Old Guys Rock!
  13. Good review, Ted. I concur. I went on the load where Ted 1st jumped the SG (I jumped my GTi). I let him leave the a/c a second or so before me so I'd be above him to watch what happened. That lasted about two seconds - until he popped out his arms and legs. Then, swooosh! He rose past me like I was hugging a rock. Hoping he'd exercise it some and use me as relatively stable reference point to learn its control characteristics, I hung out for a few seconds looking all around for him - no Ted. So I flipped over and backflew to see him 1500 ft above me, flying about my pace, just a helluva lot higher and slower. After seeing that Ted didn't get killed on his test jump, I took a turn. It was like being inside a balloon. I could pretty much just relax and the suit flew me. I'm taller than either Voodew or Ted so the suit was tight on me from shoulder to toe (but my handles didn't submarine). I think this fit made me have too much leg wing as I had to work a lot with my shoulders and narrow my legs to reach the bobble point. I was trying to do lots of turns so being slightly head down / legs up I was cooking more than I do in my GTi. Where the GTi turns like a sports car, the SG turned like a truck. It is defintely BIG. I only punched it out a couple of times during the jump (Ted said it wore him out to punch it for the whole jump - to achieve 42mph). The second time I punched it out after diving a bit to see how much force there was (not near as much as pulling an S3 out of a dive). Didn't have near the trouble on my practice pulls finding the hackey as I did on my first S3 flights. After opening, I had no trouble with the zippers, but could not pull the booties off my toes. Too tight. This is because of the tall fit I'm sure. No problem landing though. Looking forward to trying out my V-1 when it gets here! Flyin Bob Old Guys Rock!
  14. I'm 6'1 185lbs flying a GTi for about a year, and I have occasionally had the side-to-side wobble too. I have even see it on video that Voodew and Professor took of me. It seemed to be related to dropping my hands lower than my belly when I was tensing up to dearch & get my butt higher. If I dropped my arms back slightly, the wobble stopped. It was kinda like my arms and chest were wrapping a big ball when I was dearching, thus cupping air which spilled out side to side. Anyway, now I just drop my arms back a little if I feel the wobble coming on and it goes away. Old Guys Rock!
  15. Cool, Professor! I sent my $ in on the Yellow/Black one today. BTW, Robert at Morpheus said both the zippers AND the mesh are black only on all V-1's. Old Guys Rock!