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  1. Avery hit it right on - with the fewest words. Outstanding event in all aspects. I attended FND2 last year, and noticed that the number of flyers and quality of flying overall is noticeably better than last year. After our 1st big-way attempt, I commented to Scott and Chuck to compare that to our 1st attempt last year - waaaaay better! Personally, I got totally worn out - making 17 ~100+ sec flights in 7 different suits over 3 days is about the limit for this old man. Many kudos to the Z-Flock guys for hosting, and to the Z-Hills staff for a smooth, efficient boogie machine - especially to the Nylon City packers: 17 perfect openings (I can't do that when I pack myself!). And they litterally peeled the rigs off my back, and had them packed before I could get a Gatorade in me. Wow. I owe the Z-Flock and Z-Hills staff something extra for an outstanding weekend, worth every penny I spent to get there. Old Guys Rock!
  2. Well said, Voodew. I jumped with Dave in the 70's at what was then Skydive Ausitn (in Georgetown). Many fond memories in my logbook (including the jump on which he broke his ankle in 1979). He was my friend, too. I was on the load and watched the tradegy unfold. I called his brother during the rescue attempt, but could only leave a message to call th DZ. I am heartbroken today... BF Old Guys Rock!
  3. FlyinBob is, well, FlyinBob... Old Guys Rock!
  4. Right ... Now that FlyinBob has inside video on every jump, he doesn't want to be flock leader as much, since all he has video of is plain blue empty sky in front of him. Now, it's back of the pack for video smack. And I expect there will be some more like me at the Wingsuit Weekend as a few more will also have a video set up like mine. Old Guys Rock!
  5. ...What kind of grass? Old Guys Rock!
  6. Yeah! Purple! I like purple! And yellow! BF Old Guys Rock!
  7. Yes, I tried to bring some Z-Wing demos with me, but they ended up on hold in the FedEx office in Moab for some reason - Clint, Tony, and I found out the following Monday. However it happened, I bet Tony doesn't make the same mistake twice! Last year's event was a lot of fun, so I plan to do it again this year. Old Guys Rock!
  8. Well, it helps to have 4 jobs! I need them all to support my skyjumping habit! And I don't know how much longer I can have this much fun. BF aka FB Old Guys Rock!
  9. As far as I know at this time (January), I am the only one of the Texas BoyZ that has interest in participating across the pond. I think it is a novel opportunity to meet some Euro-Flyers I see posting here a lot. I have marked it on my calendar, although a lot of ducks have to line up to make it happen for me. Count me in for now. BlueSkies, BF aka FB Old Guys Rock!
  10. Sorry for the late reply. I haven't been watching these threads for a while as I was distracted handling things after BOTH of my college-age daughters totaled theirs cars within two days of each other in two different Texas cities 6-hours apart. What are the odds ... I found a very nice gated secure 2-bedroom/2-bath place for 5-of us on the beach midway between San Juan and the DZ (about 20 mins down the freeway) for about $50/person/night. Here's the link []. We wanted a nice place as we are going to do the whole week in PR, touristy things first, then boogie toward the weekend. When I rented, the owner still had another similar unit in the same building available. Hope this helps. BF aka FB Old Guys Rock!
  11. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lurch Island Guy Mark M aerodynamite badenhop PhoenixRising SkymonkeyONE Notsane Steve H. The111 Heffro1 EmLo DaMan Go Fast Scotty Normiss Tony & Packing Ryan (who both should both be mended and back airborne by then) Chris Leigha Rigger Ryan FlyinBob Made my res already. Expect it to be a good flying year - Puerto Rico in Feb, ZFND3 in March, and maybe the AN-72 thing in July. Wheee. Old Guys Rock!
  12. Voo the Dew will be attending to his wife's many and formidable needs. He's saving his vapor for another time. Old Guys Rock!
  13. I'm planning on being at SDD on Saturday. I've been in touch with Mikel who has an S3, but as he is the DZ chef, he may be unavailable (cooking turkey!). Love to flock with any flyers there. I'm bringing my Acro, V1, V2, GS-1, and Z-Wing Eagle. PM me for cell phone # to hook up. Old Guys Rock!
  14. Just booked air tickets and a condo for 5 of us from Texas. A few more coming also, I think. Wingsuit flyers will be: - FlyinBob - Professor - Mudbug - Travis Jones Other jumpers: - Syraya - Woody - Bali Old Guys Rock!
  15. Just booked air tickets and a condo for 5 of us from Texas. A few more coming also, I think. Wingsuit flyers will be: - FlyinBob - Professor - Mudbug - Travis Jones Other jumpers: - Syraya - Woody - Bali Looks like fun!! Old Guys Rock!
  16. Speaking of FND3, when will it be? I'm planning my 2007 events now. Edited: Got a PM from Robert Jones at Morpheus saying FND3 is the last weekend in March 2007. Old Guys Rock!
  17. Yeah, getting old sux. But it beats being dead...I'm gonna enjoy as much of it as I can while I'm here. Even if it means having Voodew stuck up my ass some of the time. BTW, we didn't get a chance to try the Dick Dock, where I backfly prior to the cat. Maybe next time. Old Guys Rock!
  18. Great Boogie, guys! I enjoyed every minute of it, in the air and on the ground. Awesome scenery. Clint of Skydive Moab did a fine job hanging this together. And Skydive Arizona's mobile operation worked well, even after losing an Otter engine on takeoff at the end of the boogie - nice recovery, and compensatory jump to altitude. It was neat to see some of the west coast faces I have only read about in this forum. And to meet some new ones from the Northeast US and from Europe. Many good flyers I'd like to flock with again. I'm gonna make my plans for next year's boogie now! BF aka FB Old Guys Rock!
  19. Why yes it does, Chuck! See photo... I'm originally from Maryland where there really are four seasons, and winter jumping is a challenge. That's why I moved to Central Texas where there are only three, but we get an occasional taste of winter sometimes. Old Guys Rock!
  20. Their website has the following indicating a Skyvan will be available: Boogie Info Come have fun in the warm caribbean sun! Date: February 7-11-2007 Location: Arecibo, P.R. Registration Date: starts on Wednesday at 8:00a.m at the Airport, Pre-Registration until January 6th, 2006. License Required: A (A- license holders must open above 3,500') Jumper Pre-Registration TBA Jumper Registration Fee: TBA Non-jumper Pre-Registration Fee: TBA Non-jumper Registration Fee: TBA Jump Tickets: TBA Jump Altitude: TBA Aircraft: TBA Highlights: The Skyvan is confirmed and will be in attendance. Get ready for raft jumps, high altitude and more! Sounds like a lot of fun! Especially after a long, hard winter. Old Guys Rock!
  21. Interesting question - I had it myself a few weeks ago, and jumped on an 8-way tracking dive led by FreeFlyer Jason Lively (on his back), just to see if I could do it in a wingsuit. I've done many regular tracking dives in regular suits, but thesedays prefer to fly wings so took the opportunity. No other wingsuiter was available to flock that dive. I let everyone on the load know what I was doing, flew my Acro (smallest suit I have), left last from the plane, dove hard and did a sweeping 360 to catch up with the group, pretty much the way Costyn described it. Had to fly dirty, but was there, hanging a few feet off to the side of the leader. Fine control is difficult when flying dirty, so washed around a bit, but kept enough distance to be safe. I avoided getting underneath the formation for pop-up collision reasons. I approached from and stayed to the side. It was fun being there - the challenge of it was intriguing! I'd love to try it again flipping onto my back and getting under the formation where I could see everyone. I've done a fair amount of backflying with several kinds of wingsuits so feel that I would be comfortable doing it with a tracking group. At breakoff, I went to the side and slowly slowed down, separating from the group, eventually punching out and gliding well away from the crowd to pull. The range you have relative to the trackers is awesome! Just be careful with it. Old Guys Rock!
  22. OK, Voodew. I'll backfly my V2 and you can munch my crotch... PS. I moved Kat back for school last weekend, so you may be seeing more of me down there now. Old Guys Rock!
  23. Pretty good review, Nathaniel. I concur with your analysis and descriptions. Your experiences in flight were similar to mine at Skyfest. I thought Tony's design was interesting enough to order one for myself. Still waiting for delivery ... Old Guys Rock!
  24. That's right, I'm not a Texsexual... I'm going 1st Class: flying all the way to Moab through SLC, to arrive about 2pm Thurs, leaving early Monday, renting a car, and staying at the Super8 near the airport, next to Denny's (THAT IS 1st class for Moab). [But I thought La Quinta was Spanish for "Next to Denny's"?] I know the DZ is way out in no-where-land. If there's a better hotel, closer to the DZ, someone tell me what it is. Old Guys Rock!
  25. Yeah, Scott, we have wax figures of Voodew, Ted, Jean, Jenn, Larry & myself hanging from the ceiling, flocking in everything from Classics to V2's and a few non-Robi suits as well. Admission is 2 cents. Come see it sometime!