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  1. Found a photo taken at the Aricebo Observatory in the mountains a few miles inland from the DZ at the 2007 Puerto Rico Boogie. Woody, Ted (Professor), and I made a side-trip from jumping on a cloudy afternoon to see the largest radio telescope in the world (cuz we were all tech geeks...). Old Guys Rock!
  2. Woody will be missed. He and I shared a condo room at the Puerto Rico Boogie in February 2007. Based in Austin, he jumped a lot at DZ's all over Texas. He was a very likable "Salsa" kind of guy - loved FS and lived a pretty good life. It was just too short ... Flyin'Bob D-5526 Old Guys Rock!
  3. 1. Purple Mike 2. BASE 851 (aka Ted) 3. Matt Hoover 4. Simon Bones 5. Surely 6. BranDee Allen 7. Breanna Joy 8. Cate Heneghan 9. Jon Murrell 10. Michelle Barrett 11. Nick 12. Potter 13. teresacolaluca 14. Travis Jones 15. Adrian Binnion 16. Stevo! 17. FlyinBob Old Guys Rock!
  4. Post: 001. ~ Come have a docking good time with us~ 1. Yuri 2. Jarno 3. Simon 4. Andreea 5. Kyle 6. Kipp 7. Butters 8. Monkey 9. Purple Mike 10. Matt 11. Stu 12. Danny 13. Pat 14. Ralph K 15. Randy 16. Gleison 17. DSE 18. Brian 19. Justin "late" ShorbWink 20. Todd 21. Michelle 22. FlyinBob (Late Fri) Old Guys Rock!
  5. 1. Purple Mike 2. FlyinBob Old Guys Rock!
  6. 1. Scott Bland (notsane) 2. Scott Gray (The Brothers Gray) 3. Chris Gray (The Brothers Gray) 4. Todd Statdfield (DaMan) 5. Michelle Statdfield (EmLo) 6. Justin Shorb ( Flock U) 7. Jeff Nebelkopf (heffro1) 8. Chuck Blue (Z-Flock Wingsuit School) 9. Mike Masheff (Grey Mike) 10. Phil Peggs (boring uncreative name) 11. Nick Rugai (#1 gay guy) 12. LoudDan 11. Tyler Smith(jumpinfly) 12. Scotty Burns (Scottygofast & Z-flock) 13. Tero Paukku (Aerodynamite) 14. Matt Hoover 15. Rick Hough (Flock U) 16. Bob Futrell (FlyinBob) Old Guys Rock!
  7. Thanks for a great boogie, Z-Flock & Friends! The weather started out uncooperative on Friday, but cleared up nicely on Sat afternoon and Sunday. Many great flocking experiences...and some after sunset ones too. I had a fantabulous time making 15-20 way 3D and sequential dives. The excessive moisture fouled a lot of camera lenses so the video guys may not have their usual crop of great pix. But it was worth the trip to see all of my flocking friends. CYa Next Time. BF Old Guys Rock!
  8. Back to the thread ... I had such a great time last year I'm going to try to make it again in '08. 1. Scott Bland (notsane) 2. Matt Hoover (The111) 3. Justin Shorb (Flock U) 4. Jeff N. 5. Steve H. (Flock U) 6. Jose 7. Yeyo 8 Josue 9. Ivan 10. Melvin 11. Danny 12. Scott Campos (LouDiamond) 13. Chuck Blue (SkyMonkeyONE) 14. Bob Futrell (FlyinBob) Old Guys Rock!
  9. It was a blast last year! But I can't make it this year. Gotta do a smoke demo that weekend (flying the game ball into a football game). And I'm going to FND3.5 the next weekend. CYa Nxtm Old Guys Rock!
  10. Tony Uragallo & Jeff have been at Skydive Spaceland near Houston, TX all week for Skyfest 2007 The mobile birdhouse RV is parked next to the hanger, and is pretty much the center of wingworld for video reviews, bull slinging, and beer guzzling. Rob Jones from Phoenix-Fly and Nick Rugai from EG Suits have tents adjacent to the RV, all with racks of wingsuits on display. There is a lot of interest in wingsuiting at Skyfest. It helped that we set a Texas state record with a 22-bird wedgie flock yesterday with the Texas BoyZ and many friends from out of state. Chuck B, Gray Mike, Zach, Scott & Chris Gray, Scotty Burns and many others helped organize the regulars and some partime flockers. A number of FFC's were done also. This has been great for the newer more recently trained birds to see the level of skill developed for both organizing and flying in medium to large flocks. A lot of people have also been trying out new (to them) suits. The weather is closing in today (Sunday) but Wed through Sat were great! I beileve Tony, Jeff, and the mobile birdhouse RV are on their way to Chicago next for Summerfest. BF aka FlyinBob D-5526 PFI-37 Old Guys Rock!
  11. Since FND3 was so good, and I'm skipping Moab this year, I will try for FND3.5. Bookin' it now... BF Old Guys Rock!
  12. I have a demo Phantom you can try a few times. I'll fly with you for video. I have two sizes, medium and large. If you were flying Voodew's Acro, then you will fit in the medium Phantom - Voodew has flown that suit before. I live in Austin, TX but travel around a lot to most Texas DZs - I'm a freelance PFI. PM me for hooking up some time soon. BF aka FB D-5526 PFI-37 Old Guys Rock!
  13. I had a good visit to Skydive Orange VA this weekend, despite the weather. Mike, Ned, and the others were very hospitable, and the facilities make it a first class club! Unfortunately, the ceiling remained at 5500' so we only got some low jumps in from the Cessna on Friday (but I did ~40 secs from 5300' in my Phantom, and some self-geek video!). Rained Sat and although crystal clear on Sunday, it was 25+ winds so nothing to do but watch videos and talk jumping most of the weekend. I did do some FFC instruction for Juan on Friday, but we did not finish as we could not get altitude for FFC completion. He'll be a great flyer after training and some flights. Good body for wingsuit flying - 6'4" and lanky with good strength. Chris, good to see you again - last was FND3 at ZHills. Hope you get to Texas for Skyfest in July. It'll be grand - it's like a carnival for jumpers, many different and interesting things to do. Lot's of different aircraft, and lots of different jumpers. Thanks for all the help and hospitality guys! Regards, BF FlyinBob D-5526 PFI-37 Old Guys Rock!
  14. The Texas PFI's that I am sure will be there are Voodew, Ted, Jenn, and myself, and we have a whole range of sizes in Prodigy, Phantom, and Vampire demos. We can surely handle some FFC's for wannabes. Would be great for PF to qualify some more PFIs to help us though. BF Old Guys Rock!
  15. Good to fly with you, Jason! Yes, I'm an old belly flyer (1st jump 1973). I liked small RW groups, but got bored with it. Wingsuit flying got me excited again. Tell your friends: If you like belly flying and formation skydiving, then you'll LOVE wingsuits as it will DOUBLE your freefall time and maximize your jump $! Y'all come back now, Ya Hear! Old Guys Rock!